Who needs sleep?

Not sure why but sleep is of no concern to me right now. We met with friends and had Thai food along with a couple buckets of beers. Buckets with beers I should say. We didn’t slop beer from a bucket though that would have been so much more fun….if I was eighteen. So everyone went home to bed except me. I’m home but not in bed. Is it the green curry sauce keeping me up? Debra is in bed but I am listening to Floyd and typing nonsense.

This is like the best cheese right now. It’s havarti and it’s really hitting the spot. Why do we say hitting the spot? If there was an actual spot we’d all be skinny like the French because we would just hit the spot and not eat. Maybe they know where the spot is?

I love the French. They are so annoying.

So is facebbook eating our brains? I have been (sadly) reading posts in the cruising groups. They used to be fun but now they’re all censored and nobody can offend anyone especially the authorities or god forbid you make a negative comment about the area. So, if I was to post to the BVI cruisers group the fact that we spent the most money in the shortest time while in the BVI compared to all the other islands and gave figures to back that up would it be removed by the moderator? I think so. Can’t be negative and informative. Got to be positive people! Negativity is non promotional.

I’m slowly weening myself from the evil Facebook. Something about it all creeps me out now. Mostly because the creator of this menace is fking evil looking. Have you seen Zuckerberg? Is he high every day? I’m hoping those eyes are burned by Mary Jane and not from visiting hell daily for his report on enslaving the world. Douche is scary looking. Now the EU is telling him to fuck off and quit spying on their people while the US goes, Huh? Honest to god we can be the dumbest hicks on the planet at times. We’ll screw anyone for a buck. Bend over John Q Public! It will not be long before we only have 3 news corporations, three cell phone corporations, three cable/streaming/internet corporations, three pharma companies, three car companies, and worst of all three beer companies. All price fixing for sure. Bad things happen in three’s folks.

Oh god enough cheese. Off the havarti for a while.

Every time I go back to pee I wake Deb up. She’s so incoherent when she’s woken. She just stares at me a second and thinks “asshole”.

I go up in the cockpit and I see a lone dude in a boat just floating behind us about a quarter mile in the dark. Now that’s creepy. Bet if I stood there silhouetted against our lighting holding that cheese knife I could creep him out more. Is he fishing? He better be fishing. This place is odd. Yesterday we thought a guy was drowning. He was just swimming…a mile offshore. I couldn’t even circle the boat twice without hodling on. Pathetic. Could be the cheese.

I’ve yawned three times now so it must be time for bed. Thanks for not reading.

Still floating.


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