Ahoy Mates!

Well hello there. How are you guys? Guys?

I took a long break from blogging. I guess I got bored with writing about sailing and cruising and stuff. I’ll admit that it was hard trying to maintain my style of writing when nothing new was happening worth writing about. We just floated around in the Grenadines at a leisurely pace and explored a few places we hadn’t been to but nothing out of the ordinary was going on. Even naked people were behaving themselves and they don’t really get the attention they used to. I don’t even point them out anymore.

I’m not much of a journal writer so I can’t blog about daily stuff unless there is some humor or weirdness to the story. I guess things have been normal? Bland? Meh? You really would not want to read a daily journal from me anyway but maybe I’ll give it a shot. On the boring days I can write poetry or dirty limericks.

The Internet has taken its toll on my creativity as well. I got out of the habit of writing every morning while enjoying a few cups of tea in the cockpit. I’m getting back to that routine and dropping the internet news search and facebook browsing. I kind of let Trumps mouth keep me focused on the news, wondering when and if we were going to implode as a country. It’s important to stay informed but I don’t know how important it is to debate people or Russian trolls on social media. I just goes nowhere. You end up agitated and ill over words that serve no purpose other than besting your political opponent who might be your aunt, uncle, sibling, best friend or Russian agent. It’s just a stupid pastime. Meaningful debate is lost on many of us and I will leave it at that.

So what am I going to write about? Well, we’re going to explore some new islands this season. This will add some adventure which in turn will give me something to write about. I hope. If not then I’ll just fill the blog with photos and rambling text (dirty limericks) which tends to be favored over anything seriously written anyway you short attention span slaves to social media! 😀

With that I will leave you with a photo and some meaningless drivel.

For the people that are out here, did you ever wonder if you could ever go home? I assume someday we’ll all go home but think I’m wrong. Some people will never return from where they started. Some folks can’t go back for fear of getting killed or kidnapped as in the South African family we met. Some people are just not going to leave the warmth and sun for someplace cold and gray. There are many reasons people do return. Income is a big reason. Family is another. Some people just tire of the sailing life. As they get older they find cockpit seating a bit too uncomfortable and doing laundry in a bucket too tiring. Some people return because of health issues. The scary thing down here is heart attacks. We know of one cruiser who recently suffered one and we hope he is doing well. It was tough to find a hospital that would take him in! Seriously! That is scary. I have never seen an ambulance racing through the streets of Grenada. As long as we’ve been here it’s just not something I have personally witnessed. If one of us had a heart blowout on the boat I think we’d be dead before we got to shore. Even if we made it to shore the odds are slim. Of course in the US my odds would be better but I’d come out of the hospital completely bankrupt.

So it will be interesting to see how many of us are left out here cruising from the original 2013/14 group. Does it matter? No. Do your own thing. Have fun at whatever floats your boat or moves your RV or flies you to other countries or just gets you down the street to see the kids. But whatever you do please don’t sit in front of the TV or the Internet for hours on end while the world passes you by. I miss a lot of you already. I only see you on Facecrack and that’s not good enough. I would rather see you in person even just once a year instead of your daily memes on politics, cute cats or words of wisdom.

OK, that’s enough rambling in front of a screen. Deb is doing laundry up on deck and thoroughly enjoying it so I’m going to pluck some strings before lunch.



There was a young sailor from Bates
who danced the fandango on skates.
But a fall on his cutlass
has rendered him nutlass,
and practically useless on dates.


2 thoughts on “Ahoy Mates!

  1. You can't ever go”home.” Cruising changes you so fundamentally that even if you return to the same place geographically it's not the same place because you're not the same person.I have a poster on the wall that a family member have me that says “Home is where the anchor drops” and if cruising taught me anything it's that ability to be settled and content no matter where we are. For now or anchor has dropped in St. Louis, and home is here, but the sea will always call me back.DebSV Kintalawww.theretirementproject.blogspot.com


  2. PaulThanks god you back!! With so many cruisers retiring / moving back to land I soon will run out of blogs to read.Been silently following your blog for a while and your morning tea ramblings are highlights of my day anytime you post them…All the bestAnton


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