Good Morning Grenada.

Good morning. I’m sitting out here in the cockpit watching the sun come up with a nice hot cuppa. The halyards on the other boats are clanging away with the roll caused by the sea coming into the Bay. We have some new arrivals without Bimini’s or much of anything on deck and they’re all sleek monohulls with new running rigging. Race Week is getting closer here in Grenada. Dude behind us has shiny stainless anchor chain and no snubber. He went to shore yesterday and left his engine running. Interesting.

A boat just left the harbor on their way north as the sun starts over the island hills. The first flight of the day roars over the anchorage taking tourists back home and now everyone is waking up to the new day. I wonder what’s in store for us this Saturday. That sailboat that just left the harbor didn’t put their sails up, which were spilled all over the deck. I don’t get that. Anyhow, off they go…motoring.

Often times I post of the horrors of cruising. OK, maybe not horrors but inconveniences and breakdowns and such. I do this because most of the time it’s funny after it gets resolved and fun to write about. I don’t write enough about how wonderful it is to be out here. You know, when you get that perfect reach between islands as you rip through the water as fast as she’ll go, or the slow off wind sail to the next island with just the headsail out because you’re lazy and in no hurry. The perfect spot to anchor in front of a deserted beach. When you grab the last mooring ball and the boat boy asks if you need anything. Dropping anchor and realizing you have friends in the same harbor. Sitting down for happy hour at a beach bar and the beers are ice cold while the breeze blows through the palm trees. In between the whining on this blog we really do enjoy it out here so don’t think we’re just a bunch of sad sacks just complaining all the time. I will try to focus on more fun things we do. “Deb? Do we do fun things?” It’s too early for Deb. She’s trying to wake up while I buzz on double bagged black tea.

Mister no snubber/shiny chain just pulled anchor on his race boat and is relocating. I think our laundry on the lifelines was too much for him. He may be going to Secret Harbor where the race fleet parties get started. Who races with a roller furling main? Well now he’s heading west, with no sails up. Anyone sail anymore?

The sun is up and in my eyes and my cup is empty. Debra is waiting for the sun to be nice and warm before she moves so I’ll go make some noise down below. She loves me… oh look she’s up!

Oh hey, yesterday we went to the west side of the island to see if we could help Tammy and Bruce with their generator issues. I didn’t help but I didn’t hurt anything either and the thing ran for over 3 hours. Maybe I’m a lucky charm. The bus ride over there was insane. All the transport vehicles are maxi vans which are like mini vans only they have more seats. We hopped one and he took off a like bat out of hell. We hung on the whole ride. The dude even tried to pass another van but that van accelerated and both were side by side hitting 80 mph on a narrow roadway. WTF! Anyhow we made it out alive and had a nice afternoon with Dos Libras. I hope that generator keeps chugging away.

Meantime I’m going to get busy and get off the internets. I feel like maybe greasing winches. We have a mechanic scheduled for Wednesday to survey the engine issue. Hopefully it gets resolved soon after. I need to get moving.


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