Our repairs are going sloooow. Island time mon. Yeah well island time was a lot faster in Trinidad let me tell you. This job would have been done by now. So here we sit racking up yard fees. No work was done on this boat since 11:00 am. All the tools are there, just no humans working.

And so it goes. Not much I can do about it I guess. If I make a fuss it will not work out well so I just roll with it. But you know, there are consequences. Other contractors suffer because my length of time in the yard does not afford me the luxury ($$) of getting my bottom painted by anyone but myself. I am not going to wash and wax the hull either so when one delays work it does not always mean others will benefit.

Tomorrow we clean and sand the hull and prep for paint. We have not done this ourselves in quite some time but I think we’ve still got it in us.

Feeling spry.



I really get around on the kayak. My arms feel bigger already!

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