Morning Tea, Grenada. On the hard

Morning Tea posts are a random collection of thoughts that pop into my head when I’m sipping a hot brew and staring at the tablet trying to come up with a blog post. It’s usually in the morning. I get the urge to write a post about something but nothing comes forward except these screwy things listed below. It’s a way of clearing out the junk so I can write something of interest instead of just blah blah blah anchor drag, or blah blah blah we’re on the most perfect beach or blah blah blah we had the most beautiful sail.

So here we go:

It was the most perfect sail ever! It was a total beam..   Kidding. Here’s a brain dump:

  • “Well it’s alright, living the life you please” – Traveling Wilburys
  • Living the life you please is a luxury most people fail to achieve. Consider yourself blessed if you do.
  • Sometimes we’re like potatoes. Laying around. Roots growing.
  • Some days we never get off the boat.
  • “We thought you guys flew home?” – boat neighbor
  • Life in a hermitage must have been extremely boring.
  • Thank the gods for internet service.
  • It’s cool staying in touch with the kids.
  • IS there any other news besides Trump?
  • Life was better without the internet.
  • With the aft head broken we used the forward head.
  • At anchor there is no escaping the forward head aroma.
  • Occasionally I see people sitting on the bow, breathing.
  • This boat needs some serious beautifying.
  • I discovered teak sealer.
  • I discovered teak sealer flows like water.
  • Barkeepers friend removes tough stains.
  • The local canvas stitchers drive by and stare at our boat.
  • I think we would make a perfect before and after ad.
  • I came across sailors with before and after cruising photos on their blog. Funny.
  • In our before and after photos we have the same clothes.
  • Every time a plane is flying over these dogs bark their asses off.
  • Fireworks at midnight and not a peep out of those dogs.
  • You ever sit down with a large group of people you don’t know except for one couple and you act yourself in front of your friends and the other people are like, WTF?
  • Some people accuse me of being the anchorage spy guy.
  • Our neighbor says, “Hi! We’re your neighbor!” I had no clue, so ha! I’m not a spy.
  • I’m getting lumpy as I get older.
  • What the hell is that on my leg?
  • Facial hair is annoying when it’s hot.
  • Actually all hair is annoying.
  • I wonder if we will evolve as a hairless species. We’d all look pretty stupid with no eyebrows.
  • Every time we anchor we seem to be near old solo sailors.
  • Old solo sailors are odd and they have no problem with extra hair.
  • So our neighbor keeps hauling buckets of seawater aboard. Deb said he might be bathing.
  • He probably thought we flew home for the holidays and had some extra privacy.
  • We raved recently about our outboard service guy. The outboard is running shitty and so is our Honda Genny. Rave over.
  • I deleted my Facebook App.
  • There has been way too much time wasted on looking at other peoples business.
  • That guy next to us bought a new bucket.
  • I wasn’t spying. I just happened to notice new buckets.
  • We dropped our propane off for refill just before the holiday. Bad move.
  • Island life requires patience. Learning to be patient took a bit of time but I feel I’m forever changed in that respect.
  • I just saw a turtle.
  • What will life be like when I look up from writing and not see a turtle?
  • I was in the dinghy trying to help a catamaran onto a mooring. He only had one engine. Now THAT required patience.
  • We are 5 years powered by the sun. Amazing.
  • Sailors like cloudy days because they can work outdoors without sweat and burn.
  • “I hate cloudy days”, he says while eyeballing the Honda generator.
  • Will humans be the fossil fuels of the future?
  • I picture these large cockroaches reading books to their kids about humans long ago roaming the planet and dying off to create the fuel they use.
  • It smells like cooked sausages around here.
  • Cruising – ‘Every day is like a vacation day!’ No. If that were true you’d be broke and in AA after the 1st year.
  • It’s not a sin to sit on the boat and read or putter about.
  • I need to walk more.
  • My sneakers are caked in mud.
  • This boats a mess.
  • Some boats are never dirty. I swear these people wait until we all fall asleep and then they go out and scrub their decks. 
  • A boat picked up a mooring and then they went below for 5 minutes, returning on deck to drop the mooring and motor off. They were both smoking when they left.
  • Is smoking after sex a thing or is that all hollywood bullshit?
  • Every now and then some nimrod at the resort takes out a PWC and rips around the anchorage between boats at 30 knots with a wooh girl on back.
  • Do some tourists land on the Island and immediatley think of how they can be a total dick while they’re here?
  • In St Lucia there was a PWC floating out to sea. I let it go. So did the locals.
  • Islands have unique ways of removing trash.
  • You ever in the cockpit and you look up and there’s a boat anchored next to you that wasn’t there a minute ago?
  • Do you think as you get older that you just randomly fall asleep sometimes?
  • Amazing how quickly Island life becomes the norm.
  • The thrill is gone?
  • Sometimes Deb throws the wrong breakers.
  • Sometimes I fail to open a seacock, like the one for the waste pump.
  • I know exactly what a shitstorm is.
  • Squalls used to have me sitting in the cockpit until it was over.
  • Sleeping through squalls is great when you wake up in the same spot.
  • Why do anchors suddenly pull out after weeks at rest?
  • I bet Aquaman can be a real dick if he wanted to.
  • You ever see what all your anchor chain does to the sea floor?
  • Life on the hard is hard. Hard on the wallet.
  • When we go to sell the boat I worry nobody will be interested in sailing.
  • I might offer free internet service with the boat for one year.
  • This boatyard is pretty much empty but the two stalls are usually occupied.
  • I have an image of people hopping around outside the bathrooms in May.
  • We have an extension ladder against the boat. Weird.
  • The ladder was placed upside down and flipped. Weirder
  • We’ve never been in this boatyard but they placed us next to a friends boat. Instant smile.
  • Our fridge and freezer run constantly in the morning but settles down as the day goes on. Strange.
  • I would love to add more solar.
  • The days of adding more gear to the boat are over.
  • What ever you do, DO NOT keep a spreadsheet on boat part replacements you purchased.
  • When you tell a guy to go easy on the pressure washer and he continues to try to waterjet a hole in your hull, just walk away and scream silently.
  • My blood pressure has been perfect.
  • Why do some guys walk into a restaurant in just their underwear a small bathing suit?
  • We have not ordered any food at this restaurant.
  • When you bring a roll of toilet paper with you and walk into a stall with no paper…feeling smart.
  • The looks on the people who watch you go into the stall without paper…priceless.
  • The looks on the people who see you come out afterward are even better.
  • Some guy just broadcast on the net a request for cockroach remedies.
  • Am I the only one who remembers the boat name in case they are at a pot luck dinner?
  • We used to fret being at anchor. “We dragging? OMG the wind picked up!”
  • We are soooo much more relaxed at anchor. Squall? Meh.
  • The only thing we fear at anchor is a French boat in front of us.
  • For some reason we always anchor in the same spots year after year. I mean right over the last place we dropped. Weird.
  • I hate waiting for people.
  • We need the jackstands moved so we can paint those spots. They’ll show up 1 hour before launch.
  • Is it really island time or is it don’t give a shit time?
  • Americans are so damn impatient.
  • I moved the jackstands myself. 
  • Deb was inside when I moved them. She was a bit worried.
  • She should be worried about the guy under the boat.
  • Turns out breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day.
  • I very rarely eat breakfast.
  • I miss toast. We thought of bringing a toaster back with us from the States.
  • Every appliance here in Grenada is 220 volt.
  • I’ve been better at staying hydrated. No, not with beer.
  • I really want a washdown pump for the bow.
  • You would not believe how smelly the anchor locker gets when hauled out or in a marina.
  • We finally figured out why people end their season in April. Rainy season starts in May.
  • We haul in the rainy season. Going to be wet but the mangoes are delicious.
  • We had all this foul weather gear when we left the States. Never used any of it.
  • Sometimes I think the boat shows are for day sailors and weekend cruisers or sailors new to cruising.
  • If I read a Cruising World magazine now I would laugh my ass off I’m sure.
  • Friends come and go. Lately they’ve been just going.
  • Being on an island and realizing everyone you know has left is an odd feeling.
  • These solo sailors all take care of one another. It’s nice to see.
  • I don’t ever want to be a solo sailor unless I’m on a Sunfish.
  • I was going to leave our bottom paint can below the boat for the night but I realized it’s liquid gold and hauled it up top.
  • So, I spent $666 dollars on paint. I had a choice of red or black. Interesting.
  • The only thing gone to hell is my credit card.
  • I talk with my hands too much.
  • The dock master was watching my hands when I spoke to him.
  • Why do I do that?
  • I think I’ll go for a walk. With my hands in my pockets.

    Thanks for reading. Cheers!


    I did not use a spell check so I apologize for any stupidness. I use an external USB keyboard which helps me type but I lose the spell checking capability. I’m pretty sure my typing is the problem and not my actual spelling. 😀


    2 thoughts on “Morning Tea, Grenada. On the hard

    1. *Morning Tea Posts are the best
      *Thanks for this one that made me smile.
      *Long hot showers in your own private bathroom are the bomb
      *A big toilet paper supply in your own private bathroom is not to be underestimated
      *We’re too far from the sea.
      *We miss dolphins
      *Needing money sucks
      *Working for money sucks more
      *Missing friends is the worst.



    2. pjbsailing

      Thanks Deb. They don’t happen as frequent as they used to but are still fun to do. Maybe my brain isn’t as cluttered as it was.


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