Up with the Sun

I have good mornings and bad. Nothing to do with pain fortunately, just with how I feel.

When I get up before the sun it’s a better day then when I sleep in. I’m not sure why. It just is. I’ve been an early riser most of my life. When I was a kid I would be up in front of the TV with a bowl of cereal waiting for the test pattern to go away and the national anthem to start. My working life had me turning the lights on in my department and waking up the machinery to start the day. I was having my first cup of coffee before the rest of the employees were out of bed.

These days there are no test patterns and the only machinery lays quiet in the engine room unless we need an early start. My morning routine starts with opening up the breaker panel and switching on the propane and turning off the anchor light unless I’m really early. Next I look at the battery voltage to make sure it’s not too low. These days we’re locked in at night so I have to remove the hatchboards and I enter the cockpit for a good stretch and suck in the sea air while looking around at my neighbors. Everybody is in the same place they were last night. Cool. Off to the stern to open the propane bottle, tilt the solar panels to catch the first rays and then move forward to check the anchor chain and snubber. Standing at the bow and looking out on the anchorage I hear the roosters crowing. The slight chill to the wind blows off any cobwebs I might still have and I start to think about what our day will bring. Back in the cockpit our position on the chart plotter looks good. Tea time! In the dark of the cabin the blue propane flame is the only source of light as it heats up the old stainless camp stove coffee pot. The percolating noise let’s me know it’s ready.

With a hot cup of tea or coffee I sit and watch the sun rise.

We have some nice pinks and blues this morning. What will today bring? Moving  day? The last few nights have been adventures in rolling side to side. I was up at one in the morning the other night stopping a pan from skating back and forth on the counter slamming into empty beer cans as they rolled around. I can’t even explain that noise to you. There was also a cabinet opening and closing and the onions on the shelf were all moving and crinkling. Inside a cabinet a bottle of olive oil was in a mosh pit with the salt, pepper and soy sauce. I call it the fun house. You wake up to all these confusing noises and you try to maneuver through the boat finding the source. Craziness.

So I have been sleeping in a bit and waking up to a bright sky with a hot sun. The tea doesn’t taste the same and my mood is dull. I was meant to be up before the sun and here it comes. Feels good.

Have a fantastic day everyone.


The fisherman have come out and are on the move. The loud ferry boat is moving workers from the main island to the private island to work on the resort. Some cruisers are already moving in their dinghies and a sail just went up, flapping in the breeze. Dogs are barking. Time for another tea.


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