Our First

This might be the first time we’ve been immobile because of an unplanned boat related issue. I don’t like it.

We’ve had boat problems but nothing serious enough to kill a sailing season. Other stuff was recognized early on and a planned repair was initiated. This was a surprise. What was a little vibration last year has become bad enough to make you stop in your tracks. 

This is Prickly Bay. From here you can hop a bus to anywhere on the island. It’s a bit rolly but convenient.

We’ve been lucky until this point. All the boats we’ve owned have been trouble free until this weird vibration thing started. This is no ordinary vibration we have. It’s more like a shimmy. The engine is literally dancing on it’s mounts when we’re accelerating slowly from low RPM. You know the second you feel it that something is very wrong and taking her out to sea would be a dumb move. So, here we sit pecking away at the problem. 

We’re now looking at new engine mounts. The next and probably last thing to change would be the damper plate on the transmission but that’s fairly new (2 yrs) so that’s a last straw I guess. I don’t know what to do after all this. Just shimmy away to other islands? If anything it forces you to sail more often.

When we bought the boat we knew she was a little rough around the edges. That was OK. We weren’t looking for pretty. We were looking for sturdy and fast. We were also looking for a solid engine/drive train and we found it but this environment is harsh and sooner or later all things fail. The engine mounts look good but maybe they are a little worn. They’re starting to collapse a wee bit so maybe it’s time we replaced them and with any luck the tune the engine grooves to will be Good Vibrations and not Twist and Shout.

We do have some other chores to attend to like taxes and my favorite boat project, the watermaker. We blew up two valves and I am unplugging and plugging hoses in order to run the thing. Trying to decide if we should ship new valves in or reconfigure with what we can find down here. Our membranes are also geting worn out as our PPM is inching towards the unhealthy drinking water level. Not sure we can make it to July with what we have. We have to decide soon as it takes a week to get the parts here.

It’s going to be an interesting few weeks but at least we are somewhere we enjoy hanging out. Grenada is so cruiser friendly and beautiful and many sailors just hang around here all year long. It’s interesting the places where sailors congregate. Grenada, Martinique and Antigua are all places to relax for months at a time and enjoy the season. Our plan was to get to Antigua this season but that looks sketchy now. Dominica is still in view, for now. Fingers crossed.

Just some pics of our surroundings. We can hear the swell rolling over the reef and hitting the shore. Perfect sounds for sleeping.

I think today we’ll go get those taxes done and then head off to the Container Park for some brunch/lunch. Maybe over a few brews we can decide what to do with the watermaker parts or possibly come up with a brilliant solution to the engine issue. No matter what happens here in the next few weeks we are still in paradise, far away from the rat race and all the other crap that goes with it. 




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