Floating Condo

I guess Grenada is our home now. I think we’ve traveled about 130 miles. Those miles include our trip from Trinidad and the hopping between bays. We’re falling way short of our usual 600 or so. It’s the way it goes sometimes. We can be miserable about it and make life worse or embrace the situation and make the best of it.

The work continues on KN. We replaced the engine mounts and the vibration got worse actually. We now shimmy and shake all the way up to 2000 rpm. The whole drive train was realigned again, yet still we shake. Scratching our heads I finally just stopped the process and asked for the coupling to be removed and checked. They pounded the damn thing off the shaft and took it to the shop. When it came back it came with the guy who owns the shop. He re-installed the coupling and left the set screws out. We ran the engine and she was smooth and quiet. He tightened the set screws and the vibration came back. Huh.

We figured out that the original shaft and coupling were mated and balanced. When we replaced the shaft and shoved it into the old coupling we got out of alignment. This is the theory anyway.

We have an old style coupling. One with a keyway that had no key but just two set screws to hold the shaft. Looking at it you see the set screws are on one side of the shaft. Who the hell designed this? You’re pushing the shaft to one side of the coupling if it’s not a perfect fit. Opposing set screws would be better in my opinion but I’m not a mechanic.

We have on order a new coupling. A two piece coupling made to center the shaft within it. I think this will work but I thought the mounts would work as well. So KN continues to mystify and stump the experts though I think we’re getting closer because we’re running out of parts to order.

I am usually hate to be negative but I fear with all this vibro action going on that we may have fucked up the cutlass bearing but that’s just Paulie Paranoia talking.

So, who’s up for a party in Grenada! Looks like at least another two weeks here if not more. Fly down and join us but you can’t stay on the boat. Get your ass into a hotel. If that V-berth gets cleaned out again it’s definitely becoming a man cave guitar bar rock center. Sorry. The noise from the anchor snubber would drive you nuts anyway.

One concession I did get from the mechanics was they will finish(?) the work here in Prickly Bay so that we don’t have to move the boat again. Not that it’s far but sometimes those waves can be large and you head right into them. With the drive train the way it is it’s kind of nerve wracking doing 4 knots at 2700 rpm and the bow submerging on occasion and tossing water into the air. You start looking at the reefs wondering what your game plan is if the engine stops. I kind of do this all the time anyway. One thing I learned was to stop doing this out loud. Apparently the other people on the boat do not like to hear your disaster planning.

That’s all I’ve got for now. We’re going to start some “make her pretty” boat projects while we’re here. As long as we’re sitting around we might as well get some things done. It’s what retirement savings is for. Sorry kids.



Oh, Deb has been taking all the pictures lately and she doesn’t share so I have nothing unless you want to see old stuff. When we’re out and about I just walk around in a daze while she snaps shots of flowers and fire hydrants and examines the utility wiring. Eventually I’m scouting for bars while she tries to capture the perfect cactus shot which is actually an Aloe Vera plant. She does take nice photos but apparently she does the publishing.

I felt guilty not putting a photo on here and yes, it’s another boring rainbow shot. For some reason rainbows make me run for the camera. Must have been all those Lucky Charms I ate when I was a kid. My Dentist mentioned something about that while drilling.


5 thoughts on “Floating Condo

  1. In my opinion, you really need a key in the shaft coupling to insure positive connection between the engine/transmission and the shaft. Setscrews allow slippage of the shaft within the coupling. This slippage could be causing the vibration. I experienced a similar issue last year, returning from the Bahamas.

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  2. pjbsailing

    Yes, we agree. The key is back in there. I was shocked when I saw it wasn’t. Even with the key we still shake. This new coupling better be the trick.


  3. Well I’m just sorry. For you, that is. I know this is frustrating to the max so I hope the beer is cold and the view is beautiful. I’ll turn Mike on to your issue in case he has thoughts no one else has had. Fat chance but you never know.


  4. pjbsailing

    You know, at one time we had something like that on the blog. Turns out people in bars don’t like their pictures taken.


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