Paulie Goes Solo

While in Grenada and waiting on parts and service we got a call from home. There is a need for grandmotherly assistance in handling a daycare dilemma. Debra, being always ready and able to assist with those lovely Grandkids, has hopped a flight to the USA for a short stay while I remain in the floating workshop.

There she goes! She flew right over me.

The first night without the 1st mate was pretty strange though I slept better than I thought I would. I did wake up diagonally across the bed and all the pillows tossed about. That would never happen with Deb here. I would have been swatted. Getting out of bed and tip toeing about trying to be quiet and I’m like, what the hell am I doing? Put some music on! 
It’s odd not having Debra here. We’ll see how this goes. I’m not sure how long she will be gone but I might be talking to myself before this is all over. I may become one of those old sailor dudes who mumble to themselves and laugh too hard at shit that really isn’t all that funny. I promised myself I wouldn’t just sit in a bar the whole time she was gone and I’m sticking to it. Even yesterday after I got her in the cab in the pouring rain I waited outside a restaurant and not at the bar for the rain to stop. Will power is what I’ve never had got.
I woke up today wondering what I will do my first day alone. I should keep an online diary for fun. It could be interesting reading. A look at what happens to a man left to fend for himself on a boat. Will he survive? What will he eat? What will happen when all his clothes are dirty? Will he cook nice meals or eat spaghetti out of a pan? Can he change a roll of toilet paper? Make the bed? Clean anything? Will he wake up hungover at the bottom of a dinghy drifting to Central America? Stay tuned.




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