A rough week. My brain hurts.

I have this sinking feeling (not good on a boat) that we may never solve this vibration issue and we’ll sell her super cheap just to get rid of the problem. Some old Scotsman who was once a mechanic will jump with glee at the deal of the century and promptly fix the problem in five minutes.

“Took me fife minutes tae fin’ th’ problem. Feckin Yanks ur a bit dumb”

I’m not going to go into any of the details because it’s just insanity relived for nothing more than torture to my brain. I will just tell you that the latest “fix” actually made the problem worse.

Last weekend was a rough one. Actually is was the end of a rough week. Deb is still in the States and I’m not liking this alone time. Of course it’s fun at first. You get stupid a little bit, play the music loud, spread out, sleep diagonal, leave dishes in the sink, etc. It was nice for a few days but then you realize you don’t like living in a junk yard and you smell. Now comes the boring part, picking up after yourself and showering regularly.

Besides strumming the guitar and annoying nobody but people anchored too close I thought I would get some writing done as well. I had started on a blog post about a friend of mine who had died while I was away. Nobody told me he had died. I found out about it by searching for his work email one day after finding a pocket knife I had lost. The pocket knife was worn and scratched but it was on the table when the sun hit it and I saw his old company logo. I wonder how he’s doing? A search showed his obituary. Damn.

I’m the moustache next to the goalie. My old pal is the tall dude behind me under the beer sign. Champs!

So as I was wrapping up the post on my old pal I got a message from my sister and then my cousin that my Uncle had died suddenly. Ugh. He was more like a big brother to me. Only 8 yrs apart in age and this news hurt. You start thinking how much you hate this lifestyle when shit like this happens. The disconnect from family and friends starts to bother you.

Me and Uncle Rog. He was a sweetheart. So many laughs.

So with all that bad stuff out of the way I can report that some things have been just fine. I changed the membranes in our watermaker with success and very little swearing except a few tirades as I tried to lower the thirty pound assembly from the top of a cabinet. My face was right in a port while my right forearm and hand was underneath the cabinet holding the whole thing up while I slowly removed a nut off of a screw. I had to use a screwdriver to hold the bolt when the boat rolled and my screw driver slipped and rolled away from me. I cursed at life straight out the port and at my neighbors enjoying lunch in their cockpit. My face must have been all contorted from the strain of the weight on my arm as I scrambled to reach the screwdriver. I laughed thinking my face looked like the old King Crimson album cover. It was some very loud and unique cursing. They don’t wave anymore.

I eventually got smarter with some line and a few extra holes in the cabinet top and this kept everything in place nice nice. It all went together slowly and with much thought and patience. No runs, no drips, no errors. She runs fine. Beer me.

With all that’s been going on I’m taking a break today. No projects. I’m going for a walk. At the end of the walk I’m having a beer. I have a good movie to watch tonight so I might pick up some horribly unhealthy snacks to munch on while I’m entertained. On one of my previous walks I found a beach. How many people can say they found a beach on their morning walk? Life is still good, frustrating and sad at times but still good.



Note: I reference Scotsmen in the 1st paragraph because I worked with many who were the best machinists and mechanics I ever saw. They also had the dry, biting wit that I find amusing. Many times they looked at me like I was dumb as a rock and told me just that. At least I think that’s what they said.


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