A nice break

Ahoy! Nothing new to report. The engine awaits work. I want to attempt some things myself but hate to throw more variables into the mix right now while the guys screw around with it.

I took a ride into St. George’s to meet my friends Karen and Henry who were on a cruise ship in port. We met for drinks and a snack and some fun chat. Good times! I have not seen Karen since our GM/Delphi days together. Seems like forever ago but damn it some people just are not aging. I’m not so sure this cruising life keeps you young. Maybe I should go back to hell work?

I wandered around St Georges for a bit and checked out the public market. I think all the prices were up because of the cruise ship in port. I’m not much of a wheeler dealer when it comes to food. I try to listen to what the locals are paying but they don’t even mention prices. Money just changes hands. Sly 🙂

I was only yelled at once by some guy who was yelling at everyone I think. One dude stepped in front of me to divert me into a stall but I did my best rolling away from a tackle move and kept walking. You want to wear faded clothes and hats when out and about so they don’t think you’re cruise ship material. My Buffalo Bills hat was busted and my only other hat was a new NASA hat with the flag on it. Oye. I stapled the Bills hat together. It held!

Getting a bus back to the dinghy dock was a little rough. Several drove right past me but one finally stopped. It was the maniac driver we had before. Yikes! No wonder the bus was half empty. My fingers still hurt from the grip on the seatback.

It was ime for a cold one after all that and a slow ride back to the boat as the sun was setting.



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