Good Morning Grenada

Another day to myself but It’s getting closer to the Queens arrival. We’re anchored near the airport so it’s a short drive from there and the plan was for me to meet Deb in the beer garden at the restaurant at the dinghy dock but she arrives on Easter Sunday and they’re closed. Bummer. I might just bring a couple cold one’s and sit in the garden anyway.

My lazy last few days alone are anything but that. The boost pump on the watermaker decided it doesn’t want to boost much anymore. As you may recall this pump is not that old. I ran to the chandlery to find another pump and there were at least twenty of this model on the shelf. Huh. Wonder why? So today is booked with watermaker repair because I know it will not just be swapping out the motor and running. It’s always more involved. Now I know I said I wasn’t going to do anything involving squeezing into small spaces and using too many tools here in the home stretch of lonely living but if the watermaker isn’t running Deb will be right back at the airport.

If we ever bought another boat, and that’s a big if, the first thing Deb would ask is, “Is there a watermaker? What type? How old? How many spares?”

So after cleaning the boat yesterday I’m going to mess it up again with a project. Oye. It never ends. I look back on this boat life and you know, it was never without projects. In a way it’s a handy guys dream. Not that I’m THAT handy but I like projects. It’s fun to fix something, always has been but now I’m older and retired and floating in the Caribbean and I don’t want repair projects. I want to read, play guitar, cook a nice dinner, laugh with friends, sit on a beach, etc. Crawling around in an engine room is getting old, like me.

The other day I opened up a filter to check the strainer and jammed the tail of the hose clamp into my knuckle. It bled all over the floor until I found the neosporin and band aids. While I was stopping my blood from messing up the cabin floor the fridge came up with an error code. It needs a new module. Son of a..

This is why we invented beer. It keeps some of us sane. Now I have to replace the fridge module but I have to dismantle part of the interior to get at it. It’s running at low power just fine so I’m going to wait for Debra to get here for this project. She can provide the band aids so I spill my blood in one place.



3 thoughts on “Good Morning Grenada

  1. OMG Paulie it never ends!!!! Just buy a shack on an Island and relax and enjoy retirement!!!! You’re right…you’re getting to old for that shit!!! LOL!!!

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  2. Yea I’m going to be restless for a long time after sailing. There comes a time though when it gets to be too much. We’ll see how it goes. A shack on the beach sounds good but Deb might frown on that 😀


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