Lonely days and lonely nights are gone. Debra has returned and boat life has returned to normal. I even went back to closing the bathroom door and eating off plates.

Debra has wished she purchased ear plugs before flying back because I’m talking way too much and way too early in the day. I have to let it all out. A month and a half of me not talking was torture. Apparently the torture is continuing only I’m not the recipient. Deb just has to endure a couple more days until I’ve exhausted it all. I’ve run out of things to tell her anyway and I’m starting to repeat.

The First Mate was hoping to return to a boat ready to sail away but that is not the case unfortunately. She was here for the last idea to be implemented in the ‘Bad Vibes’ saga. Our shaft extended past the cutlass bearing by a good four inches. By design it should be no more than the diameter of the shaft which is 1-1/4 inches. With the new money for nothing coupling added the shaft was too far out and needed shortening. It’s now where it should be and she still shakes. So at this point we are not leaving Grenada and are resting at anchor until our scheduled haul out in June. That’s a long time to be sitting in one place. For two restless people who like to be moving weekly that’s going to be tough. I was already losing my mind here by myself for a month and a half but now I have to sit for two more! At least I will have company this time. It’s great to have Debra back. I really missed her.

The good news is our paint is holding up real well except for where it just fell off the rudder. I have a spot on the rudder where nothing sticks. Odd. So the boat is relatively clean underneath except for this patch on the rudder. It’s always something with a boat isn’t it?

We’ve decided to start on our decommissioning list and just do a little something every day. This way we will not be scrambling in June to get her ready for storage. Once we haul out, the people who are stumped in fixing Shaky Breaky are pulling the shaft and prop to check them out. Also checking the P bracket and bearing. We NEED this boat ready to sail in November.

There are plenty of things to do in Grenada and we have a few activities on our schedule. I think we’ll be OK. I’m positive the boat will be ready come November and we’ll be back to our old sailing life again but right now I am ready to leave the old girl in the islands while we go home to the kids for some land life.

At this point I am usually craving something from the States I can’t find here. I still crave a proper Greek salad and it will be one of the first things I order when I return. Another thing I miss is bike riding. I don’t know, I just want to ride a bike. I’m going to buy a good used bike and a rack for the car so I can ride on some good trails. I miss that. A hike in the woods sounds good to. We’re heading to the Great Smokey Mountains for a week and it will be cool to walk in the forest for a bit as long as the bears don’t rip me apart. I will be the dude with four cans of bear spray strapped to my belt and one in my hand. I’ve been reading about bear attack stories. Geez. Hell of a way to go. Also, ticks. Lyme disease sucks. I’m used to mosquitoes so that’s not an issue for me. There’s a famous waterfall in the Smokies that people hike to. One story I read told of two bears that attacked the people at the falls and ripped their limbs off. WTF! That would really curtail my progress in blues guitar.

Maybe I don’t want to walk in the woods. Maybe I’ll just ride the bike to get a Greek salad.



1 thought on “Reunion

  1. You kill me!!! LOL!!! Glad to hear your better half is back and arrived safely. Quit driving her crazy or she may just hope on the next plane outta there! Be safe and have fun!


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