Stuck? Yes, not in the mud or sand but in a harbour at anchor. Prickly Bay Grenada is our home for the next two months because we can only move slowly under power. The vibration we had is worse than when we arrived and nobody can figure it out…yet.

“Why can’t you just sail somewhere?”

We could. We could power up and slowly move forward to raise anchor and then slowly move into the wind to raise the sails then peel off to a change of scenery. How lovely that sounds. Sure, Shakey Breaky will give us stuttering speech the whole time this happens and we’ll sound like goats communicating, but it can be done.

“Puuuull iiiinto the wiiiind and Iiiiii wiiiill raaaaaaise the saaaaaiiiiiiil”

It would be marvelous to get away but unfortunately we’d have to come back. Coming back involves rounding a point and plowing straight into tradewinds and waves. Sure we could tack towards Venezuela for 10 miles and then tack back towards Barbados for another 10 and then maybe get an off wind angle to make it back to Prickly before nightfall. Maybe. It is entirely possible to do this.


Color me lazy but I don’t find that scenario pleasing. Yell all the “You call yourself a sailor” bullshit at me that you want but taking two months to decommission a boat in a safe harbour with two restaurant/bars and a brewery a 2 minute dinghy ride away with the occasional dip in the water with a beer sounds pretty good to me. The way this season is going I’m afraid something else would break while trying to be good sailors beating into the waves.

I talk about the south end like it’s a death trip and this day it was flat as can be

So here we are. We have a list of things to do. It’s a checklist which means Deb is definately back. She has a ‘in-water’ checklist and a ‘on land’ checklist. She shares the list with me online but I bet hers is a wee bit different. Deb probably has another column listing who completed the task. Oh yea. No doubt. Just in case I mention how much work I did she can whip out a few stats on completions. “Actually…..”

Now there are a few of you thinking that we had reservations to haul out in Trinidad. Nope. This season we decided to haul in Grenada. Nothing against Trini mind you. We think that’s a great place to haul and get work done. This was a choice we made after the last crossing to Grenada. We splashed and noticed a problem but had a window to cross, so we went anyway. Yes there was some vibration but it smoothed out before cruising RPM so we felt it was a safe situation. That trip, with engine issues on our minds, was hellish. We ended up taking a rogue wave over the bow that swamped the cockpit, knocked me over and poured ocean into our salon. We never took water that far back, ever. Our dodger was open because this never happened before.

We venture quite a bit east into the wind and waves to avoid any confrontation with pirates. That doesn’t seem to be a remedy anymore as a sailboat was attacked approximately where we were diverting to and they were shot at. Several bullet holes were made in that boat. We monitored the situation in Venezuela closely and when we added up all the concerns we felt it was in our best interest to stop making that trip.

Of course this decision could be a bad one if a hurricane plows into Grenada making KN just another pile of fiberglass to dump into the deep or burn in a pyre of sailing dreams.

I’m glad now we made the decision to stay because we really can’t go anywhere else. I do miss the workforce in Trinidad. I’m pretty sure shakey breaky would be solved by now if we were there. It’s just a different mindset. We’ve had those guys onboard KN working overtime at the start of Carnival. That’s dedication.

Today we start on the list. We’re off to a bad start. I’m blogging and Deb is playing games on the iPad. After lunch we find out if we’re on a turtle watch tonight. That would be cool but we need more people interested to make the trip. I have a few easy tasks on the list and I’m going to knock them off just to get a head start on Deb. I’m going to remove the satellite antenna. Whoa! Two screws. Might need a nap after that. 😀



I still do not have a reliable speel cheker so bare with me. Also grammar. I did skip 3rd grade so….

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