A season without head repair

Never happens.

Yesterday the macerator froze on our aft head/toilet. We had discussed a few days ago that a macerator (a poop processor) would be a good spare to bring back from the States. We have a Raritan super toilet. You press a button and all the troubles you left behind vanish. It was a beautiful thing until last night.

Last night I was in a fog because beer we only had four hours sleep the night before watching turtles lay eggs in sand. So I was in no mood to enter the waste treatment business. I tried to free up the motor but it didn’t work so I left it for morning.

So, here it is…morning. I have not finished my first tea yet but I’m thinking how shitty my day will be. Good thing we have a forward head. We keep this one un-magical and it uses a hand pump. It’s like having a Tesla and a horse in your garage. OK, maybe a Tesla and a bicycle. When the high tech fails you fall back to the old manual way. It will do what you want it to do. It just takes more effort and you might get wet. Always close the lid before you pump.

Tea number two, a double bagger has arrived. I’m looking at the bag of Grenada coffee I have and thinking that’s going into the percolator next. I’m gonna need all the stimulants I have today. Maybe throw some cokes into the fridge. We have friends arriving from Carriacou later this afternoon. I need to get this shitty job off the list before then. Will there be any handshakes after they read this? Stop by for a salad?

I will shower and hand sanitize. Promise.

Everyone have a great day. And when things don’t go the way you wanted them to just picture me with my hands in a toilet scooping pee out of it so I can disconnect a motor and not have it flood all over the floor. Then I have to free the macerator blades….

Yea, I’ll stop right here. Go have breakfast. Skip the apple juice. Those fudge brownies…ah never mind.



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