Oh, the pain.

We are near closing out on our fifth season of sailing/cruising. Interesting. I assumed we would get this far. Will we go further? Further than the Caribbean? Nah. Our entire goal and dream was to sail to the Caribbean and hang out like boat bums down here. We achieved that goal and then some. Grenada has been home since November, well for me anyway. Debra took a little break from the lazy life in the sun.

Will we continue with cruising? Yes. We plan on living on the boat for a few more years. The reason I state this is because I have been fielding some questions about my attitude towards cruising. In other words I’ve been whining a lot. Even Deb called me a whiner. Ouch. I suppose I have been.

One thing about me that you should know is that I live with a constant smirk on my face. I’m always seeing some humor in my life. I may get wound up about something and and start ranting but minutes later I’m joking about it. I am generally a happy person but maybe a paranoid one. Every stinking rotten thing that has happened to me in my life has been balanced with something wonderful so I shouldn’t complain but the paranoid in me wonders when my luck will run out. It’s just who I am and it’s probably too late to change this behaviour now. So, when my blogging appears to show aggravation, disappointment, extreme whining and you’re “feeling my pain” just remember I am typing these posts with a nice little smirk about to break out into a giggle. I’m retired and on a boat in the Caribbean playing guitar in the sun. Oh, the pain. 😀



I do appreciate the concerns though. I have some dear friends who worry we’re losing our minds and money down while we try to figure out this engine issue. No worries. We lost our minds long ago and the boat can always be sold or left to rot in front of a CEO’s vacation home 😀

And yes, I’m still going to be a whiner.

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