Rough Week

What a week we had. Being sick on the boat is not comfortable at all. It reminded me of my Zika week. Horrible. Even though we were ill we managed to get a lot done. We even got to watch the Stanley Cup finals with a bunch of weirdos at the Tiki Bar. It was Bingo night as well. Kind of fun and kind of strange. My team lost. Plenty of Blues fans out there celebrating and poking fun at me. It’s all part of the fun about sports. There’s even some Suddenly Blues fans out there who became fans just to rub it into the losers. But, the losers may have been a wee bit vocal about the opposition the week before. It’s just human nature to be a dick sometimes 😀

I’m feeling better today and Deb is still cautious. We’re not sure what caused this episode but we’re unwilling to repeat it so we’re careful about what we are eating the last few weeks. I haven’t had a fresh vegetable in over a week and it’s killing me. I want a fresh green pepper, nice and crisp that I can slice and salt and pepper and just eat. In fact I want four of them. It will not happen. I just can’t get a veggie here lately without it being rotten in spots. I might have to settle for carrots. Local veggies are fine but they’re mostly root veggies. I’m not going to gnaw on a root veggie except a carrot. Though I do know someone who eats raw potatoes. Gross.

Hoping to be out and about today.

I’m at the point now where I need to leave the island. I’ve reached peak paradise.



2 thoughts on “Rough Week

  1. MaryAnn Amato

    I thought you were coming home for the summer to be with family. Why are you still out on your boat in the islands? We have nice crisp veggies here!!! LOL!! Hope you both feel better soon!


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