Hey look, it’s June!

It’s the month of June and we’re at anchor in Grenada. We’re not waiting for a weather window to hop to Trinidad. We’re waiting for a late month haul out. Why are we hauling out so late and why not Trinidad? I forgot why we scheduled such a late date. Oh yeah now I remember. We were supposed to be sailing the islands during the “good months” and having fun. And of course you know why not Trinidad by now but basically we can just about nurse this tub to the haulout so open ocean for ninety miles is not happening. I do wish we were in Trinidad right now because the vibration problem would most likely have been solved. Not joking.

I kind of I miss being in Trinidad because of the familiarity with the whole haul out and storage process. Doing this in Grenada is new to us and brings with it some anxiety. Add to this new process the removal of our shaft and prop for inspection and the possibility that the problem will still exist when we get back is very unnerving. Next season is an important one for us and this boat needs to be in working order.

It just dawned on me the other day when I saw a blip on the hurricane tracker app that we are in the water and exposed to mother natures summer rage parties. Not worried really, but it is different for us. We see plenty of boats just left at anchor for the season with sails still on and everything on deck. I’m assuming these people are returning soon and will ride out the hurricane season onboard because it would really bother me to know they just dumped their boats here hoping for the best. Speaking of dumping your boat, here’s a pic of the knob that dumped his boat in front of us and over our anchor. Asshole. When we haul chain we’ll have to raft up and push them out of the way to get at the anchor. We have the worst luck sometimes. This season has been like a weird dream. I do have thoughts of smashing our left over eggs in their cockpit and spreading bird seed over the top of it but I’m sure cooler heads will prevail. 😎

Today I thought of getting out and getting some exercise but it’s been raining on and off and just opening and closing hatches is like step aerobics. Feel the burn. We still have some chores to do but it’s a pain in the rain. About the only entertainment right now is watching people in their dinghies get caught in the rain. I love how they go full throttle when it pours. Their glasses are soaked and hair is hanging in their eyes but let’s go 20 knots between boats.

Do you think breathing Tea Tree oil is hazardous? Man that stuff stinks. Combine it with vinegar and it’s pretty potent stuff. Deb came out of the V-berth all glassy eyed and coughing. Deb, this is how you would look if you smoked weed. I sure hope this concoction works. We will not have a dehumidifier running this year. Our last season in Trini we really didn’t have one either because the damn earthquake knocked over the unit and it wasn’t running most of the time until our contractor found it. What I want to know is why didn’t our battery monitoring guy see it? Huh? Why didn’t our battery guy notice the diesel fuel being pumped out of our bige after our tank leaked? Huh? So based on this event we feel that maybe we don’t need the damn dehumidifier because we coat the boat with enough Tea Tree oil to kill anything. Let’s hope so. I could not imagine coming back to a boat full of mold.

We have a paid caretaker so we should be OK. Hopefully he would alert us to any unusual things. No, it’s not the same guy as last season. This new guy probably has other issues like drinking our liquor or wearing Deb’s panties or both. I’m just kidding. I’m sure no shenanigans like inviting his cousin and girlfriend to live on our boat while we’re gone will happen. Should we wrap the mattress in plastic?

So it’s Fathers Day. Congrats to all the Dad’s out there! I’m looking forward to seeing my Daughters and Grandkids. It’s cool to see yourself in your kids when they deal with their own children. Pretty funny actually. Should be some good times ahead. We just need to get this boat out of the water. It’s all downhill from there.



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