Days Away

Some very long days ahead as the anticipation grows. Haul out 2019! Do I seem excited? I used to dread haul outs and now I’m looking forward to this one.

Why is that Captain?

Well I’ve been floating in this fiberglass tube on one island since November trying to stay sane. For two months of that time I was alone. Things got weird. Not that I was talking to myself a lot much and living every day fully naked with beer cans scattered all over the cockpit. It didn’t get that weird but it was strange enough to be sitting here for that long. Things got much better when Debra arrived because we could be weird together but now I just want to GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!

We have our “mechanics” pulling the shaft and prop to check for balance and straightness on the day we haul. We should know the outcome of that and have a plan before we fly out. I pray the shaft is bent. That would be awesome because it would explain everything. Everything except this strange lump on my elbow.

So I’m going to soak up the three months with the kids like a sponge. I hope for their sake I’m not that clingy but I’m really looking forward to it. When I hear, “Nice day for a walk Dad.”, then I’ll know.

When we haul, my hard work begins. I immediately flush the engine with fresh water and change the oil though this year we have super clean oil (didn’t go anywhere) so I’m wondering if I should change it. I put new oil in everything else including the windlass and watermaker pump. I’ll wash the deck and hull and try to clean up the bottom the best I can. I have to clean the chain. I have to disconnect all solar panels except one. We take down the boom because the topping lift snapping in the wind would be bad though we do have a spare halyard on it as well. Kayaks and dinghy get strapped down on the deck and then we fly out. There’s more but I get tired just typing it out.

We’re doing something different this season and staying in an apartment instead of living on the boat in the yard. Been there done that and it’s not comfortable at all. Sure it’s more adventurous. There’s always a chance you could fall off the ladder. That makes it kind of exciting. You get to pee in a bucket at night. Adventurous gross at two in the morning. You might be one foot away from another couple living the same way “Hey, good morning. Nice bucket.” Maybe you’re next to a single guy from Finland who wants to have beers any time of the day. “Good morning. Beer?”

I’ll miss the clever timing of a bathroom run and hearing the dude you beat trying the door and swearing as he runs away quickly. “Hope you make it! Mwahahaha.” Tracking yard dirt all over the boat and Parrots doing a bombing run twice a day will be memories I cherish forever. I will miss the occasional beer talks with people under our boat or the Rasta yard guy that directs the travel lift who was swaying to Marley one afternoon, head back and eyes closed while they moved a big powerboat that had an awesome stereo system. He gave me a big smile as I passed. One love. This dude never smiled until that day.

It sounds like more whining but all these things bring a smile to my face. I’m glad we’re not experiencing all of it again but it was actually kind of fun and I’ll have some fond memories to laugh about later in life.

So, apartment life awaits. We’ll get to chill in the AC after a long day in the yard. After that we’re going to leach on the kids for a while and thoroughly enjoy our time with them before we fly back. What then? More sailing… in one direction.




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