Cars, Kids and the Future

“I’m not sitting in that car for anything longer than twenty minutes”, said Debra.

I don’t blame her. I don’t even have an ass anymore. It melted away in that little car over the last thousand miles. Since landing in Jacksonville we’ve been travelling continuously it seems. FL to SC. SC to TN. TN to SC. SC to NY. Along the way the car gave us some fits but we made it to New York for some rest. We’re currently holed up in a tiny apartment (bigger than the boat) and relaxing with the kids. Phew.

Deb and I started walking in the mornings and I’m grudgingly starting to exercise again. It really feels good to stretch our legs plus the kids like to hike the local parks and trails so that’s a plus. I think we’re eating healthier but there’s still a concerning amount of pizza in our diet šŸ˜€

Plenty of outdoor music this time of year

Our Son-in-law Eric. How about a beer!

So far I’ve tasted all the fruits and veggies I missed while island bound and the only thing I still need to sit down and enjoy is a nice warm NY bagel fresh out of the oven with some cream cheese and a tall coffee. The corn is excellent right now so hoping to get some on the grill again. Can’t get enough of that fresh corn. The other day we got out of Wegmans (best supermarket ever) for under a $100. Amazing. Last Thursday I went to the farmers market. Rochester has one of the best in the country. Super cheap fresh veggies. We’re eating well. Nothing like cooking with fresh food. It just tastes better.


We’ve met up with a few of our old friends. It’s good to catch up but as usual the time was too short. Kelly is keeping us busy while we’re up here in NY. Plenty to do this time of year as the locals soak up the remaining good weather months. It’s been fun and the Grandkids are awesome to hang with and when they get miserable we just go back to the apartment šŸ™‚

Tennessee was a blast. The Smokey mountains are beautiful but they are crowded. It was tough to enjoy the scenery sometimes because of all the people crowded on the trails. Gatlinburg was nice but it reminded me of Niagara Falls Ontario with all the cheesey shops and corny decor. There were people everywhere but they were all friendly. It was a good time. We had a cool place on a hill in the mountains with a spectacular view of mount Leconte. For morning tea I was watching the sun rise over the mountains with the morning mist being cleared by the sun. Pretty relaxing view.

It’s about that time to start thinking about the boat and getting her ready for sailing again. I hate to even get that thought process going but KN needs attention as you all know. I’ve been pretty damn patient with what’s been going on but now my attitude has changed. She will be running smooth and we will be leaving Grenada within weeks of our return! One way or the other we will be leaving Grenada. KN might have a permanent home in the islands if this keeps up but we’ll be somewhere in the woods of Georgia.

So this will be season number six coming up. I thought we’d only last five but we’re going for one more year, however we will only be sailing up island, not back down. WHAT?! Hah! You all knew we were ending our Caribbean adventure didn’t you? I’m hoping this sail back will be just as fun as the one coming down. We expect to see new islands along the way and old pals. Should be a good time plus we’re off the wind šŸ˜€

We miss family and the Grandkids are so much fun to be around that we want to see them more than just during the three month visit. They’re growing up so fast it’s startling. They’re probably just as startled when they see me after 9 months away. “Geez Grandpa what happened to you? You got old.” Quiet, you little..

WTF am I going to write about when we’re back? Well there’s the ICW. Lots of nut jobs motor up and down that thing every season so there is some good material plus we’ll probably hit up the Bahamas again. There is still some adventure to be had over there. KN is going to get some TLC when we get back so she’s pretty again and then we’ll see what happens next. No we’re not buying a trawler. No we’re not buying an RV. We don’t have any plans other than to bring the boat back though I caught Deb looking at tiny home plans online. Yikes! Any home I might be living in better have a well insulated band room. I’ve just learned to poorly play Cinnamon Girl by Neil Young and it rocks on my 20 Watt amp. Might need something bigger than that if I’m on land šŸ˜€

We’re off to the Science Museum today with the Grandkids. My goal for the day is to NOT LOSE THE KIDS. That can be tiring to stay that focused all afternoon. Those little smurfs can move fast. Hopefully Mom puts them in some bright shirts nobody else is wearing. I’m all for tagging the kids with trackers or at least a wearable strobe activated by phone. That way I can sit down with a coffee while they run around and break stuff. All I have to do is light em up once in a while to see where they are šŸ˜‰

I have to blog more. That was fun.



Oh, I forgot to mention…

When we picked up our car it drove fine for a bit and then one day the check engine light came on while I was waiting for Debra to come out of a store. Uh oh. I shut her down and when Deb got back in I started her up and there’s the engine light again. Not good. I pop it into reverse but it’s running rough. I drive away and she’s vibrating and full throttle only gets me 10 mph. Seriously! Did someone cast a spell on us? Now the car is doing this shit too?

We called for a tow which was 2 hrs late. We looked like we were drowning in sweat. People came out of an office and offered their place for us to cool off. “Dear Lord you need some water?” They didn’t understand that this is how we live for 9 months out of the year. No problem. We’re good.

We had a bad air flow sensor that caused the car to go whacko. I found a crack in the hose from the air filter to the manifold. I suppose that could cause the issue but I’m not 100% confident. Maybe mice are eating our electrical system while the car is in storage.

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