Early Bird

I hate being up so early. I’d rather get about seven to eight hours sleep but most nights this does not happen so here I am. Four in the morning is no time to be up and typing. Deb is sleeping. She will sleep through the noise of me making tea by boiling water in the microwave but wake up if I tip toe on the carpet past her because I forgot my reading glasses in the night stand.

These fking microwave ovens. The door to the damn things are always difficult and noisy to open and close and does it really have to beep like a dump truck backing up when it’s done? Why does the coffee mug I put in there always stop with the handle to the back of the oven? Other than boiling water in a pot on the stove there really is not a quiet way to make tea. I tried to shut the bedroom door but it squeaks like hell when I touch it. Oh well. Deb seems to be sleeping through it as usual.

I drove to Buffalo yesterday to take my Mom to lunch. She wanted to go to a fancy place so I had to go out and buy some pants. I have pants, just not the proper kind for where we were going. While I was at it I picked up a shirt. I felt like I was dressed for work and it kind of creeped me out a bit. I drove down the Thruway which runs across the state connecting the major cities. It’s a boring drive. Totally straight with nothing but farmland to look at and people pulled over for speeding. Mom decided the bar and grill along the river would be better. Now I really looked like a worker bee. Everyone was in shorts and t-shirts. It was a beautiful day with the breeze blowing in and power boat antics on the water. It was also the best fish fry I’ve had in some time. I got coleslaw on my new pants.

Oops. Deb just popped out to see if I was OK. Must be the light above the stove is too much. I’m usually in the dark but I don’t have a lighted keyboard anymore. I said I was fine and even in the little light that there is I could see the look she’s giving me which is probably the “Thanks a lot for disrupting my sleep pattern you creepy ass night stalker”. 😃

My Mom is doing OK. She still looks young for her age and still smiles a lot. In all the shit she’s been through all her life I always remember her having a slight smirk when most of us would be filled with anger and rage. The times she yelled at me for doing something stupid (many) and she was dead serious and trying to make a point with me I could always detect a smile about to erupt. Of course that was just me she was dealing with and I was quite the idiot at times so maybe she was serious with others and managed to maintain a stern look. I know she wasn’t smiling at my Dad sometimes but me she found it hard to not laugh.. I think.

We told some stories and remembered some people over the years and had some laughs. Mom’s tend to remember everything about their kids and she had some good stories. I really was an idiot back then. With Dad gone it’s nice to chat with Mom. I’m more like my her than my Dad and he couldn’t stand it when we both got some coffee into us and were chirping like magpies out in the kitchen. She’s more relaxed now and it makes a difference. I really enjoyed our lunch together and I’m hoping and wishing on the stars that we can see each other again in June.

There’s a little bit of rain this morning and the cars are starting to accumulate on the road. The sound of the tires in the rain are getting louder as the day gets brighter. I might get a walk in if this rain stops. We have brunch with Kelly and then dinner with friends later. It’s the time of our visit that I get a bit sad. It’s the goodbye time.

Another tea. Debra went back to sleep. I should creep past the bed and see if she wakes up. If I was out here in the dark on the floor pleading for help she would sleep right through it. If I snuck out of bed and raided her purse for some cash she would be right behind me, “What are you doing?”

With NY time winding down I’m starting to get a little anxious about the boat. I got an email from the yard asking for the combo to the lock. Uh, it’s the same one I left in the paperwork. They said they can’t get it to work. I asked them if this is the first time they’re trying to access the boat to check the batteries? In two months? I have not received a reply yet. I might have to drink beer today.



2 thoughts on “Early Bird

  1. You morning people. I never have been able to crack that code. But I do know exactly why Deb wakes up if you tiptoe around. She’s a mother. She has preternaturally sensitive ears when it comes to the possibility that kids might be creeping into the bedroom because they need something, or maybe creeping out at night because they are naughty. Making tea is nothing to a mother’s ear. It never seems to go away no matter how old they are. I do the same thing and sleep right through Mike getting up and doing his coffee dance in the morning. But if he creeps next to the bed, boom. I’m awake saying “what do you need? what’s wrong?” instantly. He knows better than to come close to me with those sneaky feet. Gosh I hope this wasn’t actually the first time someone has checked on your boat. That would make me pretty angry. And worried.


  2. pjbsailing

    You are correct, Debra has that motherly instinct of knowing when something or someone is acting out of the ordinary and the fact that I can be a child at times means she’s tuned into my actions as well.

    The whole cruising life is starting to get annoying. Don’t get me wrong, we love it and we are glad we chose to sail away its just getting to the point where I can’t tolerate the incompetence and poor customer relations we’re experiencing for the price that we are paying. Grenada yards rank poorly compared to Trinidad I’m sorry to say.


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