Leaving NY

We had a blast up in Western New York. We were so busy that the time just flew by and before you know it we were heading south again. Kelly and Eric kept us busy with plenty of activities. Late summer in NY is a great time. There are festivals and concerts everywhere you look and the weather was spectacular. My only complaint was there was too little time.

As always it was a tough goodbye with the kids waving from their doorstep as we drove out of view. I wanted to hit the brakes and run back for one more hug but we had to jam more stuff from the apartment into that little road weary car and head south to the other half of the family who eagerly waited for us to arrive.

I picked up some germs and ended up with a nasty head cold as we were leaving. Talk about miserable. Trying to pack everything in our little car with me sniffling and sneezing and a pounding headache was not a fun time. Poor Deb. I kept whining about all the stuff we’ve accumulated. Somehow I wedged it all in and we hit the road.

To this day I am still amazed at the affect caffeine has on my body. I only needed to be relieved of the wheel for a couple of hours the first day and managed to do the whole drive the second day. Thank you java.

I’d open the door at a gas station and all my snotty tissues on the floor of the car would blow out the door. I didn’t care. How Deb is not sick right now is amazing though she has a runny nose and I hear her sneezing this morning. Update: She got the bug.

After the road trip I was toast. I’m just now starting to feel better and getting back to my normal self. Do I have a normal self? I was just thinking about all the people that caught this cold from me in PA, WV, VA, NC and SC. Except for the snotty tissues leaving the car I was pretty careful about washing my hands and sanitizing but those gas pumps might be crawling with bugs. We’re lucky we only get sick maybe once a year now.

Now we’re in a condo near the beach and relaxing a bit. Our SC family has some activities but the kids are in school and the parents working all day so we have some time to get prepped for the coming boat projects and sailing season.

I have mixed feelings about this season. The whole vibration thing is not going as I had envisioned and I’m getting a bit anxious about all the miles ahead of us. Granted it’s mostly off the wind which is nice but something about the boat bugs me lately. Call it my machinery instinct. I used to have a sense for when machinery I was involved with were about to give me heartburn. I kind of have that sense with KN right now. She will be getting a thorough going over before we go anywhere believe me. I am one paranoid little man so maybe this is just pre voyage jitters.

On the other hand I’m thinking this will be more like the party cruise we had on the way down. Some new places. Some new faces. Lot’s of excitement, the good kind not terror on the high seas. It’s going to feel different that’s for sure.



One thought on “Leaving NY

  1. MaryAnn Amato

    Looks like you had a great time in NY. Where do you get all that energy for that hectic lifestyle of yours? God Bless you and Deb. I could never, but then again I’m an old lady and your a youngen!!! Well you both enjoy your new adventure. Safe sailing my friend!



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