Close call

Getting the new used bike on the trails here on Hilton Head Island has been fun. It’s nice to just pop on the bike and burn off some energy (calories) whenever I feel up to it.

Yesterday I did some beach riding. Upwind was brutal but it was worth it to see a guy walking his bike through the creek that flows out to the atlantic. He must have crossed at low tide and it wasn’t quite low enough to avoid a good soak on the way back. Oops! Once he got up to his balls in water I couldn’t watch anymore and took off down the beach. A glance back caught him on my side drying off and his bike laying in the sand. If he waited any longer it would have been one hell of a long ride to get back or a swim without his bike.

I got off the beach and road the trails for a while ending up along the main drag on the island. This was a long stretch and slightly downhill so I got up to speed and really flying down the path. I made it to an intersection and the light in the crosswalk was in my favor. I slowed to almost a stop and was balancing slowly, slowly, trying to get the attention of the driver wanting to make a right on red. I got a look so I took off. He either didn’t register my presence or assumed I was staying where I was and decided to move forward into the turn while looking at oncoming traffic. I yelled and sped up and lucky for me his wife slapped his arm for him to stop. He stopped inches short of my rear wheel. It was a Prius so my odds of serious injury were slim.

I looked back at him and he was apologizing with his hands and head shaking. Close one.

I always wear a helmet and try to wear bright clothing. I don’t have any LED lights/strobes for the thing yet but that’s next on the list. One thing I should have done is come to a complete stop and wait for the dope to wave me on. The traffic on the main road is brutal and you really are at risk in those crosswalks because people want to jump out in any break in traffic even if they run you over to get there.

I’m going out again after dinner for a lazy ride and hopefully the traffic will be lighter. I don’t like these close calls. It’s like you only get a certain number of them and after that…squish.



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