Well that didn’t take long. 🤪

Last November, yes it was 2018, we pulled into Grenada after a rough ride from Trinidad and while looking for a spot to drop the hook in Prickly Bay we noticed a serious shake in the engine at low RPM. Debra and I looked at each other thinking this wasn’t right and we needed someone to look at it. I think we both knew at that point that we were sailing for home though neither of us brought it up in conversation. I thought of just ignoring the problem and making tracks but I’m now glad we didn’t. Who knows where we would have broke down.

We called the local shop that everyone recommends and we invited them over to have a look. I think we all know by now how the story goes so let me just show you in bullet points how it progressed (If I can still remember)

  1. In Trinidad our mechanic notices our engine seems shakey, hours before we leave.
  2. Horrible trip in the dark from Trini to Grenada.
  3. Slow speed anchoring and the engine is shaking enough for me to feel it at the bow.
  4. Call for service
  5. Mech says shaft not centered in the stern tube. Move engine!
  6. Haul boat
  7. Boat hauled too long and paint dies
  8. Repaint bottom
  9. New packing and cleaned up shaft seal and shaft centered in tube
  10. Launch
  11. Drive around Wobourn Bay. Looks good! Feels good!
  12. Go to Prickly Bay
  13. Low RPM looking for an anchor drop spot and she SHAKES!
  14. Engine Mounts changed
  15. Shakes
  16. New and better coupling because my old one was suddenly no good
  17. Shakes
  18. Shaft. Got to be the shaft.
  19. Shaft too long. Cut shaft.
  20. Shakes.
  21. Haul out for season
  22. Order new shaft
  23. New shaft installed
  24. Launch, Shakes
  25. Buy flexible coupling and install
  26. Shakes
  27. Must be the prop!
  28. Oh fuck off I’m not ordering a new prop!
  29. New mechanic
  30. It’s your transmission!
  31. Bad clutch cone in the transmission
  32. WTF.
  33. Cone.

Shake is gone and we are unshackled.

It’s a whole new attitude and feeling aboard the KN. We’re prepping for voyage!

Homeward Bound Baby! Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. One island at a time and we’ll see how it goes. She’s an old gal and we’re going to treat her to some nice sails. Nothing wild. I think she wants a nice relaxing trip with no sporty passages. We will try our best to accommodate her.

Even though we are excited to leave we are a bit anxious about heading out into the deep blue sea. We have not been out there for over a year so it will take a bit to get our mojo back. Our first sail will be to the island of Carriacou, a favorite stop. It is still part of Grenada but it will be a nice short trip to make sure things are cool. There is also a good marina there if something is NOT cool.

We will miss Grenada. This island felt like home to us. To me especially as Debra left me here to fly back to the States for a month and a half. I still can’t believe I didn’t do anything stupid that whole time I was left alone. I must be maturing.

Carriacou is actually still Grenada but it’s another island. When we get there we will most likely be back into our groove again. It will feel good after all this time.



When this old tub makes it back to the States there’s going to be a party on KN!

3 thoughts on “Well that didn’t take long. 🤪

  1. Hi Paul,
    So glad you finally got your boat fixed!
    I’ve been following your blog for many years, and then yesterday, there was Kelley Nicole anchored just a few boats ahead of us in Tyrell Bay! I kept watching for someone in the cockpit so I could come over and say hello, but never saw anyone. Oh well. We moved over to Sandy Island today so maybe another time.
    One question, I remember a while back you switched your blog to WordPress. You mentioned that you had an app that worked with your iPad. What is the app?
    Thanks and hope to meet you sometime,
    George on Ice Floe


  2. pjbsailing

    Hey George! Sorry we missed you. I was out repairing some busted stuff on our solar panel mount yesterday. Surprised you didn’t see me out there. I was swearing out loud a few times because I was dropping screws and tools into the bay 😀

    Yesterday was guitar practice so I was down below for a few hours but Deb was in the cockpit avoiding the noise. She is stealthy though so not surprised you didn’t see her.


  3. pjbsailing

    George, regarding WordPress – There is a WordPress App available for droids and iOS devices. Works well. So much better than using Blogger. Cheers!


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