Bonus Morning Tea. Rochester New York to Grenada.

This is a BONUS Morning Tea post! Yeah I never posted this one for some reason and I never finished it. Oh well. Don’t get confused. We’re not in Rochester NY or Grenada.

Morning Tea posts are a brain dump of all the goofy thoughts running around in my brain. At times it’s too much and these thoughts need to come out. Here you go.

It’s starting to get colder here. I want socks.

It got into the 50’s the other night. We keep the windows open.

Nothing worse than morning tea and toast and the butter is hard.

Rye toast. Yum

Waking up to 50 deg temps in boxer shorts is not fun.

I never thought I would miss a microwave

Maybe I should microwave these boxer shorts

The beeping at 5am must be pretty annoying to the sleeping Debra

Why does a microwave have to beep with each button press and then beep 7 times when it’s done?

This is a strange apartment complex. Maybe they’re all strange.

Debra has a bum shoulder yet she beat us all in bowling. Hmm.

I have the worst form in throwing a bowling ball. My daughter was like, “What the hell was that Dad?”

I didn’t actually leave Buffalo NY voluntarily. I was kicked out because I couldn’t bowl.

There is an apartment that never opens the curtains. Ever. At night there are shadows moving.

Apartment complex renters don’t talk to other renters. They might be odd, clingy and desperate for friendship and THEY KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!

We’ve been outdoors quite a bit.

Daily tick checks are part of my routine now.

What if I get a tick where I can’t see or reach? Debra?

I was told to seek professional medical help for unreachable ticks. For better or worse Deb!!

I stopped buying orange’s from the grocery store. They sucked. Bought some at the farmers market. Delish!

Every town should have a farmers market. A real one. Not arts and crafts, hot sauce and one fruit stand.

I’ve been diagnosed with tennis elbow. WTF.

Repetitive motion in my left arm has aggravated the tendons. I’m supposed to wear an elbow brace.

It’s from guitar playing you pervs!

I think Western New Yorkers are the only people left who use a turn signal

As soon as I got here my nose stuffed up so I sound like everyone else

I saw some people jog down a trail. I followed. I ran back out. Holy fking mosquitoes!

I think the trick is to run not walk

You ever have a black fly just buzz your face and neck the whole hike?

You ever figure you kept the bugs away and then get home to see your face full of welts?

All the other trails in Rochester were fine but the one right next door to us was bug filled.

We never got out on the lake this time. We stood on it’s shore.

Is my fondness for water sports diminishing?

I do see kayaking in my future.

I don’t listen to Jimmy Buffett anymore.

I’m pretty sure that last line should be a song title.

Funny how we change as we get older.

All my favorite rock stars are dying.

I have friends that are dying because they’re miserable

Turn off the news and build a garden. Great song.

I need to turn off the news as well.

Missing the grandkids

I miss my kids too but they’re not as cute.

I hate airports.

I think everyone has a fear of flying so everyone is quiet and tense…or drunk.

I hate going to the bathroom on a plane so I don’t drink before the flight.

Last time I really had to go and I forgot to latch the door. Surprise! Poor gal.

The Grenada Airport is cool. Actually it’s friggin hot as balls.

Where’s the bar? Outside.

Our driver was waiting. We bought him a beer mainly because we needed one.

I immediately sprouted with water beads. By the time we got to the boat I was completely soaked in sweat.

I always love seeing the boat again.

Then I step inside.

Eighty dollars a month for a caretaker. Huh.

You have your suitcases to unpack and the boat is all packed up inside with no place to sit or lay down…ugh.

Oh yea! We have an apartment for a week!

Goodnight boat

I used to love wandering around boatyards.

I actually hate boatyards now.

Boatyards are money pits