Morning Tea. Bequia

Morning Tea posts are just random thoughts bouncing around in my head that I put to paper and then post here for amusement. I don’t do a post like this very often because it’s more of a feeling I get, like my brain is too cluttered with stuff and it needs a good dumping. So, here you go.

Who flags down the Bread Man in pouring rain?

Why did you buy all this stuffing?

The supermarket here is full of frozen meat and booze

We found a provisioning store! Wonderful.

Provisioning can be hugely expensive

How much are you willing to pay for Parmigiano Reggiano?

I can’t wait to shave some fresh parm on my pasta.

Deb, you’re not going into the provisioning store with me? No, can’t bare to watch.

Damn, I should have bought some Irish cheddar and those fancy french olives

Rum shop tours are fun until someone gets hurt

Sucker punching a local is not in our best interest or a gentlemanly thing to do.

When the tour unloads from the buses it looks like senior day at Walgreens.

Crawling Walking up steep inclines is a good workout and allows you time to ponder your health care coverage.

Ponder is not a word used much anymore

“The bar is at the top of that rocky outcropping!”

What a beautiful view from here. I think I’ll smoke a J with three beers.

“Can someone help me get down? Hello! Who’s dog is this? Uh Oh, more dogs.”

Bequia is not that big.

It doesn’t take long for people to notice you’re not from a cruise ship.

You can always fool them by wearing a Jimmy Buffett shirt

A local restaurant ripped me off. I’ll never wear that shirt again.

Funny how Buffett only sings about sailing and the island life and then once you get down here you don’t want to listen to Jimmy anymore.

The local dogs are full of fleas and dirty. I don’t pet them so why do they hang by me?

At a bar a dog sat next to me and barfed at my feet.

I’ve really been into the blues lately

I think being alone on a broken boat gave me a better appreciation for that type of music.

Why do the local dealers single me out for purchasing weed?

Deb needs to look more like a stoner. Take some of the pressure off.

An over the top dog loving woman was looking at me funny for not petting the barfing dog.

I’ve seen at least 4 dudes wearing pirate hats around town

If I wore a pirate hat I would look like Captain Crunch

It’s like everyone has a blue light at anchor now. Getting harder to find the boat at night.

I can’t find any broccoli

Every cooking website or vid I see now has broccoli in it.

I got caught staring at a girl with short shorts. Deb gave me some shit about it.

Deb got caught staring at the same girl later on. I was about to say something but Deb blurted out that she thought the woman had broccoli in her hand. I whipped around so fast I hurt my neck.

It was green beans.

When I was a kid I couldn’t stand broccoli. Now I would kill for it

I’d never really hurt anyone for their broccoli but I’d be willing to trade.

You ever have someone talk to you like they’ve known you for years and you have no idea who they are?

Guy fist bumps me, asks how I’m doing and says he will see me around. I really have no fking clue who this guy is. Happened so fast I never got a name.

Do you think some people do this just to bewilder you for a laugh?

Bewilder is not a word used much anymore.

Even on a mooring it’s still scary when the charter cats come in. These people are dangerous.

I will not miss the charter boat captains though they are entertaining

A friend of mine is about to go cruising. I tried to talk him out of it 😀

It’s been a wonderful retirement so far.

Sailing away was a dream that actually came true

So glad my other dreams never come true.

I have to quit reading Stephen King so much but the jerk cranks out a novel a month it seems.

It bothers me when I open the fridge door and a fly comes out.

The flies on this island go straight for your face…when they’re not in the fridge.

I haven’t heard a jet ski in years.

Why do we still call them jet skis?

When I have to drill a hole in the boat I always think about it for hours.

The worst sounds on a floating boat are a drill, a hammer, saw and running water.

The phrase “Oh shit” is right up there in worst sounds too followed by “shit, shit, shit!”

When someone yells “Oh Shit” on a boat you run toward them. When someone yells “Oh my God!” you go the other way.

You know you’re done with cruising when you’re imagining the pile of crap you’re going to unload on the dock for the dump.

You ever wonder if your fire extinguishers will work when you need them?

We had a fire on a boat once. Not this one. It was an alchohol stove incident. This fire occured the morning of my fire training for my captains license.

I never utilized my captains license but I passed fire training.

I can’t imagine driving a boat load of people around on the water. People are assholes.

People are not all assholes but where there’s one, others follow.

I bought a blue baseball cap. The blue rubs off. “Everybody is so friendly. They were all smiling at me.” You have a blue line across your forehead. “Son of a….”

When we first went cruising we never knew what day it was. Now we have weekly pill organizers as a reminder 😦

Will we still want to take pictures of the sunset when we’re not cruising?

Deb kept trying to get the perfect sunset and there were always boats in the way.

There was finally a perfect sunset photo but a cruiser drove out in a dinghy to the mouth of the harbor to stand in front of the sunset to take his photo. Cruisers are assholes.

I bought a small jar of instant coffee. Our spoons don’t fit thru the opening. WTF?

Instant coffee sux (yes even Nescafe Melissa) but it’s a good boost sometimes.

The other morning I woke up with a migraine. I took some pills with some coffee.

Migraine pills have caffeine.

I tend not to shut the hell up when stimulated with caffeine

Same thing happens with beer

Fellow engineers would buy me coffee all the time. It was like over winding a toy and watching it jitter around until it fell off the table.

Engineers are assholes

I see our Lawmakers are not really Lawmakers because laws don’t matter anymore

Lawmakers are assholes

A boat next to us this morning all woke up and walked off the back into the water. All of them. Did not even hesitate. Must have been steamy in there

I wonder what happened to the lady who sold kids books and poetry? I missed being picked out of a crowd to buy a book. Ten people could all be crowding past her and she would reach in and pull me aside.

We have three of her books

I have to stop smiling so much.

I really miss having a toaster

I think I mention the toaster every morning tea post

I get to the states and I have tea and toast in the morning and wait for the sun. Best start to a day.

Making toast in a pan is too time consuming.

I left butter out on the counter once. Such a horrible mess

I will surely miss a constant 85 degrees

This nice weather keeps my guitar in tune

I’m still shy about Jamming

Why can’t jams be during daylight hours?

Sometimes there are acoustic jams only. They’re during the day

So only folk guitar jams during the day?

I want to show up with the Strat and bang out God Save The Queen. Keep up Guthrie!

Electric guitarists are assholes

And I’m not very good at playing God Save the Queen

My Merrill sandals held up way better than the Keens

The shore music finally stopped at 2:30 AM

Why am I waking up before the Sun?

You ever get tired of having wind in your face?

Our propane tank is on the back deck. I shut it off every night

I do an early morning tip toe out to turn it back on, trying not to wake Deb

Why when you are trying to be quiet do you trip over something or drop something?

Ever make a stupid comment on facebook and regret it and then your wifi signal vanishes so you can’t delete it?

We are stealing wifi and the signal really sux. It really messes you up sometimes when commenting on something.

You ever wonder if people contact your family after seeing some of your comments or posts?

My daughter always calls when we run the watermaker

If we didn’t have a watermaker Deb would have bailed on this lifestyle years ago

It’s going to feel weird leaving the Windward Islands

You think you’re the only one up and you’re standing on the deck in your boxers looking around and here’s another guy in boxers on another boat doing the same thing. Awkward.

Deb calls for a laundry pickup and the laundry boat ties up next to the port for the head which I’m currently occupying. That’s awkward too. “You guys making chili?”

You ever wonder why some of these boats have like 10 antennas all over them?

I’m kind of radio shy

I can’t look at Deb when she’s on the radio else she messes up. Then she gets mad at me.

Our Kayaks are completely faded

Are the UV rays making me gray?

We’re so much better at not getting sunburned then our first year cruising

I’m already down to 3 good shirts.

Oxygen is corrosive. We’re all oxidizing on the inside.

Eat your spinach

I’m pondering our next voyage but I’m a little bewildered by the weather

The Sun is up and so is Deb.