Making Tracks

That was one good weather window! We are anchored in Antigua waiting for the next one to come along and take us to St Martin and beyond. It really is a pleasure going in the other direction. No bashing into the wind and waves and the current is in our favor as well. Joy.

Some of the highlights along the way were meeting friends Jodi and Gary on Country Dancer. We have not seen them since before we left to cruise 6 years ago. We met in Vero Beach Florida and it was fun seeing them again only this time in St Lucia. Jodi made a fantastic meal catering to us veg heads. Unfortunately we were leaving in the morning and had to take it easy else we woke up with beer heads. Beer heads are not something to have at sea. Barf.

We finally got to Dominica and it was a great stop. We heard a lot about the P.A.Y.S. guys and their moorings and tours and it was fun spending time with Anthony (Sea Bird) who took us on a river tour and then helped us with assorted chores and visits to shore. Good dude. Hope their union stays intact and they continue to provide a great service.

We pulled into English Harbour and it was full of boats but Deb found an opening and we plopped the anchor down among everyone without complaints. Clearing in was a snap because I used the online check-in before we arrived. As we were settling in everyone on their boats started blowing their air horns and the mega yachts blared their horns and people were shouting and the fort had people with flares going off…WTF is going on?! The Atlantic Rowers were starting to come across the finish line after some 50 days at sea crossing the Atlantic and the finish line was the entrance to English Harbour! How cool is that? We watched as each one finished and celebrated their crossing. USA came across in the evening to the chants of USA USA USA! That was an amazing thing to witness. I am still fascinated by the achievement. Young and old, male and female they are some tough humans. We went to shore to see the boats and the rowers but never got to meet any. Pretty cool though.

We’re going to bounce around from harbor to harbor until the next weather window pops open for us to sail west. We would like to head up to Barbuda so we’ll see what the weather brings us. Supposedly we will have a long period of strong trades this month so we may be sitting tight for bit. We’re in a good place so I have no problem with this and we really don’t want to get back too early because it’s too damn cold in the States right now.

This was just a quick update. I will add pictures later when we get some good wifi. They locked down the wifi pretty good here so we’re using our phone data plan and we’re trying to minimize the data usage. Eventually we’ll find a bar with good wifi and do some updating.

I don’t have any of the facebook owned apps on my phone because they’re a bunch of spying weasels at that company, well so is google but FB is super weasely compared to the others and I really don’t like Zuckerberg. I don’t know him personally but he looks like a weasel so I don’t load their spying apps. This makes posting to my FB page a pain in the ass. I tried to post from the FB website but my posts go somewhere other than my page. I tried twitter but that will not post to my page either unless I use the Spot transmitter. WTF. So, I’m just going to make blog posts, in text only. Boring without photos but that’s the way it goes. At least these will make it to my FB page.

This harbor is for the rich and famous so we’ll be leaving it soon. We had to laugh the other day when a 70 foot cat with about 12 people on board tried to anchor amongst us. This captain tried really hard to fit in until another cat captain told him we spin 360 in the harbor at night. It really was comical that he thought he could fit that big boat in here.

That’s all for now I guess.



Update: We moved to Falmouth Harbor. Still some rich and famous over here but there are a lot of us scrubs here too. We anchored behind a mooring field and in front of a reef. So when the big winds hit a mooring could fail or we could break anchor and hit the reef. Either way I get a new paint job.

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