WTF man!

I’ve got a cup of coffee in my hands and chatting with Debra. It’s early morning. Chatting with Debra at this hour is interesting. I talk and she nods or makes a noise. I continue to talk. I say, “We should hit up the grocery store today”. She nods or something, I forgot. I take a sip and look over at the fridge controls because my life is looking at controls apparently. When I get up in the mornings I look at the fridge, freezer, the battery levels, the tilt of the solar panels, the propane tank pressure etc. (Did you know I was a controls Engineer in my working life?) Anyhow, I glance over at the fridge and the display is dead. So is the fridge. Son of a…

I fiddly fart around with some stuff but nothing is happening to my satisfaction so I start with the tear down. Our fridge controller I just installed before we left is dead. WTF man!

Being a pack rat I looked for the old controller and bingo there she is. After inspecting and measuring volts and stuff I came to the conclusion that we smoked the new controller. Oye. I popped the old one in and wired it according to the freezer controls which are the same. Nope. No controller. WTF man!

I started emailing the manufacturer who’s owner and tech guy seemed to be in a Friday mood and was spoon feeding me info and not answering all my questions. “Dude are you high already? Get with the customer satisfaction program here pal.”

I sent an email to the gal in the office instead of the owner and got what I needed. A wiring diagram for both the old and new controller. Thank you. Women should rule the world. It would be much better organized.

The old controller is in and running and the fridge is cooling down.For some stupid reason our fridge and freezer controls are not wired the same. Oye. Never ever throw anything out that is fucked up but still somewhat functional. This might also apply to some family members 😀

Monday we will get a new controller shipped and end another technical problem. My gods when will this shit end? Can’t believe I asked that. I’m on a boat.

The beers are still cold. Cheers! – PJJB

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