February Sucks

What awful weather. I’m not a fan of February. I’m pretty sure February sucks just about everywhere on the planet. We’ve got on and off rain for about 4 days now. Could be worse. My Daughter in Rochester is living in snow and zero degrees. Wind chill -5. That’s when the snow squeaks when you walk on it. Many years ago we would have a whole month or more of that squeaky snow. Cars doors would be frozen shut. Garage door would be frozen too. Beers would freeze. Dogs would freeze. One year someone noticed all the geese on the bay were still in the same place they were last week. Frozen. People would slip and fall going out to their mailbox at night and freeze. So, I shouldn’t complain about a warm rain I guess. But I’m gonna.

You want to go to shore? I think it stopped raining. No, here it comes again. Wait. OK, now it’s done for a while let’s go. What should we get for dinner? How about we go to ah fuck it’s raining.

So we’re kind of trapped unless we want to venture out into the rain. Being trapped in a fiberglass tube whipping around in squalls for days is a kind of torture. If people were using this technique to get me to talk I would sing like a canary. Deb is desperately trying not to make eye contact with me for fear I may try to start a conversation about some nonsense floating around in my head.

What if the president was actually a poorly disguised alien sent to enslave the population as a food source for the following invasion. Would we be considered a delicacy because we’re vegetarians? Like grass fed cows? Would I just be used for breeding because I’m old and thin?  That would be one hell of a way to end my days. I’d be one of the roosters! I’d walk like Mick Jagger all around the farm.”

I’m pretty sure I would they would kill you instantly.

I’m kind of pacing the cage and getting weirder. Guitar practice is a good way to pass the time but after a while I’m like, “I need air!” I suppose I could bring the guitar out into the cockpit. I don’t want it to get wet and the rain is blowing around.

I was reading quite a bit and finished a Dean Koontz series. They were short novels and I blew through them pretty quick. I nailed a few Stephen King books too. One I downloaded ended up being a Stephen R King book. I was so pissed I refused to read it. The prick even has his font set the same as the real Stephen King so you get fooled into ordering. Bastard. I don’t care if he wrote the best novel of his life I’m not reading it.

I started working on small projects. Nothing too involved because I don’t want to fuck anything up that will extend our stay here in Squallville. It looks like the end of the month might be the end of the big winter winds and more relaxed weather will be the norm. I hope that’s true. I want to get moving again.

Our boat bottom is starting to accumulate some growth I think. I’d like to get a look at it but I don’t want to get blown out to sea. She was nice and clean while we were moving but now the critters are thinking they found a nice union hall in their neighborhood and they’re organizing.

I was watching one of the mega yachts come in to dock when I caught something jumping out of the water to the right. I seriously think this was a shark. No shit. All I saw was a grayish white underbelly of a large fish hit the water and then a gray fin as it submerged. Uh, maybe I’ll call for a diver to check the bottom. I suppose it could have been a shark. What else has a fin like that? A dolphin would have popped up for air right? I sat there watching the surface for a while hoping to see and hear a dolphin pop up for a breath. Nope.  Never heard of a shark attack down here in the islands. Bahamas are a different story.

We got to a grocery store in between squalls and it was just the little one in town but it was pretty good! We got some fresh veg’s and some odd things we usually don’t find. They have a little courtyard out front with tables and wifi so we bought a couple of Banks beers and sat down for a wifi session. Nice. We even got back to the boat before it rained.

We’re waiting around for the weather to clear and we can re-stock some items. We will need fuel, propane and a spare part for the fridge that we ordered. Once we’re fully stocked we will leave on the first good window and see where it takes us. In the meantime we have some beaches to check out and a St Johns to explore. I think we’ll hop bays again just for a change of scenery.

It was Debra’s birthday and went out to a bar to celebrate. I think I celebrated more than she did. 😀


When you sit in a harbor too long you tend to get a little wacky. One day you read on the internet that zebra stripes keep bugs away because the stripes screw with the bugs vision and depth perception. So, you get an idea…

1 thought on “February Sucks

  1. I love when you are stuck on a boat. Your imagination gets weirder. Maybe a couple more days and you will be able to get an entire novel about how our current regime is collaborating with reptilian aliens to bring down humanity and stop our evolution. I’m only half joking. You can do it! Best seller, straight up.


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