SMS from

Deb is still in isolation. I guess I’ll just text…

We had this bird come in last night and land on the dinghy. I tried to scare it off at first because… bird shit. Bird was like, “Come at me bro”. I walked back to the dinghy and changed my mind. This bird was just as tired as we are and needed to rest. I just left it alone. Shit all you want bird. We shit all over your world so I shouldn’t complain when you shit on mine.

Bird stayed all night and we watched the sunrise together. As soon as that sun peaked out over the horizon the bird looked at me and flew off, circled the boat once and pointed towards the coast.
Safe travels bird. Hope you enjoyed your stay. I’ll be thinking about you when we launch the dinghy.

More tea!

Where’s Deb? 🤔


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