SMS from


15 to 20 knots south, south east.

OK, I guess we will run downwind with the headsail only.. again.


Beam reach in 11 knots and dropping. Fk.

We are lazily moving at 5.5 knots in the sun and ocean swell. Arthur is moving on early apparently as the wind is leaving us. Hoping to make the Acklins under sail so we can motor the rest of the way if we have to. Not even seeing white caps out here anymore.

Why do we even look at forecasts or listen to forecasters. A big old Spinnaker would be awesome right now. We had one. Used it maybe 3 times. Should’ve kept it just for this one time 😎

It’s pretty peaceful out here considering we left in a thunderstorm. Everyone except two of us took the Old Bahamas Channel.

So far it’s pretty chill. Hope it stays this way.


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