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A jolly good start to the morning. I refilled the fuel tank, killed 5 flies, made some tea. Refueled, killed, re-energized. Other than staring into a chartplotter I think I’m done for the day.

We entered the Bahamas bank at 3am and the depth dropped to 9 ft. Nine ft is good in the Bahamas but we’re not used to it. We throttled down to a crawl and both of us stared into screens for 2 hrs while lightning flashed around us. It was a crazy scene.

Now we’re in 20 ft of water and way ahead of schedule even though we were dogging it most of the way. I guess we’re going into West Palm in the dark. Joy.

There are 10 or so cruise ships parked just off the bank. The crew for those ships have to be bonkers by now.

Flat seas and no wind. It’s far from ideal but I’ll take it. I told the old gal I would treat her gently on this trip back. So far so good.

Damn I want a cold beer. Soon.

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