Welcome home! Have a virus.

When we got to the States we saw very few if any people wearing a mask. We wore ours. We got some looks and maybe a head shake or two from people who fought the idea of wearing one. We didn’t care. We didn’t care about the looks we were getting but we did care about them not wearing a mask.

Apparently the reason for not wearing one is basically, You can’t make me. Also, wearing one means you’re a liberal. WHAT?

Only in America do we politicize wearing a mask to protect yourself and others from a virus that killed over 100,000 people and has infected millions just in your own country. We’re absurd.

We went into the clubhouse to get free beer when we landed because captain Paul had zero beers in the fridge. We were masked newcomers and we were stealing free beer! Yep, after the 3rd pour and take away to the boat we saw the sign that said no takeaways of beer! Huh. We went back to the boat and thought about that, then went back to the clubhouse to get in one more “pour and run.”

Who were these masked assholes taking beers to go in giant water bottles?!

“Hi! We’re from Kelly Nicole. We disobey rules because you all are sitting here in the clubhouse unmasked and shoulder to shoulder laughing and carrying on like there’s no pandemic at all. So, we pour and run. Bye!”

and now….

Georgia and specifically this county are spiking in cases. I’m hoping we start seeing more masks and more distancing. We don’t venture into a store without one and I have not been within 12 feet of anyone else even outside. There are times we get closer but we have our masks in our pockets ready to deploy.

We were supposed to visit friends today but since this bulletin came out and the fact we all share the same public restroom here at the marina we figured it would be safer to avoid people right now until we can get tested. It’s been a rough week here on KN. Sad news from family and now this virus is working it’s way closer. We have plenty of work to do to keep our minds busy so we’ll be fine as long as the virus keeps it’s distance.

We don’t want to wear the masks but we know it’s the smart thing to do. Please mask up when indoors or when you’re in close quarters even outside. Forget about politics and think about the safety of your fellow Americans. In other words, don’t be a dumb ass.



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