It feels odd but I like it

This boat doesn’t even move. The water is so still that the boat just gently rides up and down with the eight foot tide without a tilt or any motion we can detect. It’s weird for us to be this still. Occasionally you hear the water passing by the hull as the tide goes out. That’s it.

Unfortunately the air is as still as the water and it can get a bit stifling. Lately the mosquitoes have been enjoying the stillness as well as the fresh blood sacks walking around. I feel like a test subject for Deep Woods Off. “How much can the little fucker take?”  Once you’ve had Zika you tend to be a bit paranoid about bites so you spray up.

Even though things seem peaceful and quiet KN is not done with us yet. I think she’s pleading with me to wash her down and to clean and wax her hull but I’ve been waiting for the killer mosquitoes to die off. The county cropduster flew overhead and sprayed the area because I wasn’t thoroughly coated with enough chemicals. This seemed to kill off some of them. It took about a week for the little bastards to die and they did only to be replaced by biting sand gnats. 😦

So KN has been acting like a teenager not liking her new neighborhood and fighting back a bit. Yesterday the main water pump decided quit in the middle of Deb’s shower. This usually only happens to me so it was refreshing to see the First Mate get her turn standing in the shower full of soap and no water. I had to slide the garden hose down through the hatch for Deb to use. Grandma was not pleased.

I couldn’t work on the pump because I had to ride a bike to the rental car company to pick up a vehicle. “Here’s a hose. I’ve got to go.”  Deb’s mood was a bit unfriendly the rest of the morning.

I left soapy Deb and searched the bike racks for the best marina bike. Two on the rack next to us were shit. One had a wobbly back wheel. Been there. The other had no brakes which I discovered the other day. It’s not always easy to ride in tight circles trying to slow down to a stop. WTF.

One bike seemed OK but when I got on it the handlebars were too close to my knees. What the hell is wrong with this thing? I couldn’t turn without the handle bar hitting a leg. It was like a clown bike. It was like a kids drawing of a bicycle come to life.

I selected one but it had a giant crate strapped to the back rack. This means my dismount would not be swinging the leg over the back fender. Just like the old days of my Schwinn with a sissy bar. Only took one spill on that to remember that bar was there.

Except for the giant pool of sweat on my chest and back the ride there was uneventful and I even got a free upgrade so I could fit the crap bike into a hatchback instead of it hanging out of a trunk. We were supposed to get a car the day before but they stiffed us and had nothing until 2 pm. I think they were a bit taken back when they said our car was ready and we told them to fuck right off. Why would I take the car at 2pm when we asked for it at 9am? Unfortunately these rental companies are all going bankrupt because of the virus. Rentals will be scarce for a while.

We rented the car so we could drive to our own car and bring it back. We hit the road and when we pulled up to our car in storage I thought it was leaning a bit to starboard. Shit! Flat tire.

Call the auto club? I popped the trunk to check the spare and I found my foot pump for the bike tires. I jacked the car up and pumped that tire up no problem. Sweet!  I forgot I bought that quality tire pump. Good thing eh? So, we started her up and she ran fine. Phew! Now we have a car and our own bikes at the marina. 🙂  

This was an unpleasant surprise.

With the cars we went to see family after running some errands. It was great seeing the kids and grandkids from SC. It was a fun day outside with water activities even with masks on. These kids just give us a smile that lasts for weeks. Even though I’ll be squished under a sink with plumbing and electrical work most of the next day I will still be smiling.

So it’s quite a switch from how we usually live on the boat and it feels a bit odd but I think we’ll adjust easily if we ever get used to having neighbors so close. I’ll have more on that later. The next step, moving onto land will be the real test. It’s been life afloat for some time now and it will be a real change but I bet we’re OK with it.

The best part about being back? When we said goodbye to the kids we knew it wasn’t for nine months. “See ya next week!” felt so good to say.



Side note: My grandson says, Grandpa pull your mask down. I pulled it down and smiled. OK, I just wanted to see your face. 💕

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