A wee bit of exercise and trespassing

Now that the bugs have died off a bit I’ve been getting out in the mornings for a walk or a bike ride. The afternoons have been brutally hot and so any activity has to be done in the morning unless you want to pass out. Now is not a good time to find yourself in a hospital.

I took off for the nearest trail today and got my workout in early. No shark tooth hunting for me but there were a few people already out there poking around and I was up early enough to see the sunrise on the trail. Serious fossil hunters I guess.

Sundays are the best days to hit this trail because the Georgia DOT isn’t out and about. Just duck under the gate and take off!

Some of the birds are pink. Eat shrimp get pink?

Just getting off the boat and getting around is cool. A change of scenery without pulling up anchor. At least here I still get a “Good morning” from folks. When we get back to NY it will be more like a grunt or a staring at the shoes or a “Fk off!” 😀

Have a great Sunday everyone! I’m going to lay around in the heat and play some guitar. Maybe watch a show. Read a book. Definitely take a nap.



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