Low Tide Bike Ride pic post. (no profanity)

I ventured out into the wee hours of the morning for a Low Tide Bike Ride which I have marked on my calendar for the next few months according to the Tide tables.

We have a most impressive beach here on Hunting Island which at low tide is perfect for a good morning bike ride. The beach is located in the State Park and you have a fee to get in of course but this cuts down on the crowd. No hotels, condos and no drunks waking up in the sand. There is one creepy long bearded guy who I have seen every time I’m here so I’ll keep an eye out for him. He might be a local dude just out for a walk every morning but he looks like a serial killer.

I got here a little early and the gate attendant just arrived when I pulled up. After a few jokes about the Ranger not being here yet she let me in and I found my way to a parking spot in the dark.

This is the time you think about snakes, gators and rabid raccoons while removing your bike from the rack and then finding a place to pee. Is it safe to venture into the brush right now?Β 

When I walked the bike to the beach I realized I was the only one here as far as I could tell. Cool! I turned on my bike lights and pedaled on. All I could hear was the small waves gently touching the shore and the sand underneath my tires as I cruised down the beach. There was an occasional crunch of a shell and I tried like hell to avoid the sand dollars waiting for the tide to return.

There were a few shrimp boats out there and the sun was starting to brighten the horizon a little as I got to the south end of the beach to where the creek, stream or river exited the lagoon to the sea. This is where I will sit and wait for the sun to appear.

My thoughts started shifting from clowns with knives exiting the dark forest on a run to stab the bike rider on the beach to thoughts of Deb and I aboard Kelly Nicole out there on the sea waiting for the sun to rise and give light to the water around us. The longest we were at sea was five nights. The sunrise was welcoming. The sunset, though beautiful was a warning that we will be alone in the night in a small boat on a big ocean. Personally I preferred the sunrise.

The rising sun welcomes you to another day of living. To a day that can be filled with great experiences, a day of reflection, a day of love, or a day at work which would really blow but hey you’re making money! Money to buy a boat and sail away to adventure!

I plan on quite a few Low Tide Bike Rides and I’ll probably not take as many photos next time and just concentrate on the moment but I wanted to share just how nice it was to be out there. I have to take advantage of being so close to such a beautiful place.

Morning tea on the beach.
Found my future adult refreshment spot after a long ride.
The rebuilt bike. Smooth quiet riding. She’s nice.

I hope you all get the chance to enjoy a little nature no matter where you are. Next post I’m going back to some profanity. This nice nice fluff stuff just seems weird to me. πŸ˜€



I thought I saw the long beard guy but I’m not sure. As I was driving out I caught a glimpse of someone on a trail that turned to look at me as I drove by. I plan on riding one of those trails next time. πŸ‘€

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