Still here, or there.

Yes, I’m still blogging occasionally. Not much going on right now so I guess I will just insert a little blurb here to keep people strung along. The people not on FaceCrack who don’t get exposed to my weekly brain dump. The smart people. Well, not too smart else you wouldn’t be here.

We caught a mini break in our babysitting chores and decided we’d fill the time by taking their garbage cans in while they were gone and maybe finding a bar.

Found one! Two actually.

It was nice to get back to our usual selves being out and about and then in a bar. It’s been a while. A little food and a wee bit of beer. Well, Deb had a wee bit. I was a little over excited about a new brewery and then another bar cross the parking lot that I maybe got a little carried away for my first outing in a while.

It’s all good. Fun to get out and have a few laughs looking at tourists.

What’s with the all pink outfits dudes? You come south and you need to look like a flamingo? Hey to each his own. I wore purple for Easter! Actually it was coincidence. Why is purple associated with Easter?

Ah, purple is associated with humility and sorrow. Very popular during lent. I should have known that for all the time I spent in church pre paganism. Not really a pagan. Not really anything spiritual. Kind of just hanging out, being a nice person mostly. Where will I go after death? Probably nowhere. If I had a choice it would be Bavaria. I can be reincarnated right there. About time for some mountain scenery anyway. The Beer is good.

We’re up in NY and I forgot my keyboard so I’m fat fingering this on a tablet and it sucks. Short blog post because this is so annoying using just 2 fingers. The weather here also sucks but it was expected. We’re also surrounded by covid which makes things more boring. Hard to get together with people. Still nice to catch a glimpse of people you know and have a few laughs even if it’s outside in 40 degree wind.

I should wrap this up. We’re heading to a trail for a little hike with the kids. The sun came out so we will too. I will leave you with a classic Easter photo of our time in Key West on Easter morning. Most fun I’ve had on a holy day.

Been meaning to retire this pic but people keep asking for it. These two were so much fun. Back when Florida wasn’t Russia South. Live and let live you assholes. I don’t understand the need to control other peoples lives. Are you that bored?

I’m making a better effort to blog more, away from Facebook. Let’s see how that goes. Every time I post there I see that Zuckerberg asshat mining my data. Bothers me.



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