Road Trip Rochester NY

Rochester. My old hometown besides Buffalo. We went back for a week to see the kids and play around in some parks and maybe get a bite or two and definately a pint or two while there.

Just how I remembered it. Gray and wet

Covid popped up before we got there and we had to dance around some positives before we could settle in for a good time. Eventually everyone was negative and not contagious and we enjoyed the time together.

Smurfs in the park

Spring had not sprung yet but we put our jackets on and went to a few favorite places. The kids were a joy to be around and they had some good fun in the hotel pool. They didn’t even freak out when the guy with the extra large belly button entered the hot tub.

Yeah it was a pretty ugly thing to see. Dude wear a shirt or get that trimmed. At first glance it looked like he had something else poking out of his suit. Not cool. 😀

We did get to the park to see the lilac buds starting to bloom. Highland Park is beautiful but we were just a bit too early to see all the flowers and trees in bloom. Rochester has a Lilac festival every year. It’s a nice event when they get organized. Some years in the past it was all screwed up. We got to the festival one year and took my parents. We walked the park and my Dad was like, ‘Where’s the beer?’ Turns out they moved the actual festival to downtown and the park just had trees and flowers. Dad was not impressed. In fact he was miserable. He spent the entire time on a beer hunt. That was pretty much the end of their travels to Rochester. Too many flowers, not enough beer. Oye, what a pain in the ass he was at times.

Side note. My Dad would get an oil change and rotate the tires the day before driving to Rochester from Buffalo. It was 60 miles. Yeah, sixty. All highway.

Our visit was too short and the drive back was horribly long because I decided to drive straight through only stopping for fuel and snacks. I’m an idiot. Deb had a blown back so no assistance there. She could barely walk. With one hour to go I thought I was going to poop myself because I thought having a Starbucks cold brew was a grand idea on top of all the junk I ate. Just the thought of soiling the new car made me kind of a maniac behind the wheel and I just pressed on, passing gas stations and regretting each one gone by but somehow I made it and then could not go. It’s like I backed up the system and now I had to pay the price of a stomach ache plus a headache that made me see stars. It was a long night on the couch with no sleep for my caffeinated body.

From here on out I am restricting my road time to 6 hours, maybe 8. Things get squirrely after eight hours travelling. Last place I want to die is on an American highway.

Hopefully my daughter moves south soon and we will not have to make that drive twice a year. If the hotels weren’t gouging us to make up for their losses during the pandemic we probably would have stopped but fuck, a semi proper place to sleep is $150 easy. We see a lot of people just sleeping in the rest areas, avoiding the hotels.

Now with the price of fuel so high there might be way fewer travelers and the hotels will get screwed again, keeping prices high. Fuel prices go up and the oil company profits skyrocket and we still give them a tax break and subsidies of $40 billion. What the fuck man!

OK. I ended the blog with a rant. Cool. Now I’ll go do something productive, like maybe work on the next blog post.



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