In this world of humans there are instances where you question the sanity of the world we live in. Slavery, Genocide, World Wars, invasions for oil and land. You know, the usual stuff. It happens and you  look back in history and wonder how those people could be so misled by idiot and or corrupt leaders.

A more recent (not really) bout of human insanity is the humans currently living in the United States not protecting their children from being slaughtered by some monster with immediate and unrestricted access to semi automatic weapons. Yep. We will march in the streets and burn down planned parenthood buildings for the unborn but 6th graders not so much. I mean freedom right?

‘Sorry but the 2nd amendment says I have a right to bare arms.’ Cool. Can you buy a machine gun? ‘Well, no.’ Can you buy a grenade launcher? ‘Don’t be stupid’. So some weapons are regulated? ‘Well yeah’. Why can’t we add one or two more? Like maybe semi automatics? Save the children. ‘Over my dead body!!’  Well no probably not over your dead body, unless you’re a teacher maybe.

It’s enough to make your blood boil. We’ve sunk so low in this country that the slaughtering of elementary school kids doesn’t even bring us to the streets in anger. Even the cops sat and listened to the shots destroying little bodies while they stood outside in full body armor and assault rifles. How any man can do that is beyond my comprehension. During 9-11 we saw cops and firemen run to the scene and into the maelstrom to help people. Why can’t we do that now? Why can’t we save our kids? Why are we silent and just waiting for it to happen again and again and again?

I just don’t get it. So many amendments we just ignore or toss aside or modify for the times but because a few manufacturers and lobbyists throw dollars around we have a portion of society that will not give one inch for the safety of their children.

With that I will leave you with beach photos. Low Tide Bike Rides are the best way for me to toss the craziness behind for a while and just listen to the sand under the tires and the surf on the shore as you roll along.

I would love to have everyone just take some time to think about the issue at hand, protecting our children. Go for a ride. Watch the sun come up. Watch the sun go down. See crabs heading for the water. See turtle tracks going up the beach and then down again. Think how awesome it would be for your kids and grandkids to see the same thing you are seeing and how much joy it would give you. Think about how little we have to give up for them to be safe.


1 thought on “LTBR

  1. Well said my friend. Well said. I share in your thoughts and anger. When will they wake up? I don’t get. Never have, never will. Have a Peaceful day my friend!


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