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We sold it all and moved onto a sailboat. We sailed the Caribbean and Bahamas for 6 years. Life is good

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15 to 20 knots south, south east.

OK, I guess we will run downwind with the headsail only.. again.


Beam reach in 11 knots and dropping. Fk.

We are lazily moving at 5.5 knots in the sun and ocean swell. Arthur is moving on early apparently as the wind is leaving us. Hoping to make the Acklins under sail so we can motor the rest of the way if we have to. Not even seeing white caps out here anymore.

Why do we even look at forecasts or listen to forecasters. A big old Spinnaker would be awesome right now. We had one. Used it maybe 3 times. Should’ve kept it just for this one time 😎

It’s pretty peaceful out here considering we left in a thunderstorm. Everyone except two of us took the Old Bahamas Channel.

So far it’s pretty chill. Hope it stays this way.


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Deb is still in isolation. I guess I’ll just text…

We had this bird come in last night and land on the dinghy. I tried to scare it off at first because… bird shit. Bird was like, “Come at me bro”. I walked back to the dinghy and changed my mind. This bird was just as tired as we are and needed to rest. I just left it alone. Shit all you want bird. We shit all over your world so I shouldn’t complain when you shit on mine.

Bird stayed all night and we watched the sunrise together. As soon as that sun peaked out over the horizon the bird looked at me and flew off, circled the boat once and pointed towards the coast.
Safe travels bird. Hope you enjoyed your stay. I’ll be thinking about you when we launch the dinghy.

More tea!

Where’s Deb? 🤔


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we have officially hit the Caribbean doldrums. We are ghosting along the coast of Hispaniola at 3.3 knots in 7 knots of wind. Glad we got the bottom cleaned.

It’s going to be light air for a long time. We’re trying to eek it out but Mr Yanmar is waiting impatiently.

Deb hates this shift. We get a moment together because I can’t sleep in the daylight so I make tea and yak yak yak until she flees to the aft cabin. I’m smart enough not to check on her for at least an hour.


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Sailing into a setting full moon on your birthday is kind of cool. 😎

Today we will cross over one of our old tracks. The sail from Turcks and Caicos to the Dominican Republic. Back when we were younger and innocent and naive.

I remember seeing the island for the first time with it’s steaming forest waking up to the bright sun. I smelled dirt, tobacco leaves and coffee as we got closer with our buddy not buddy boat Odin. Fun memories.

Times have changed. Now I’m fleeing bad weather to a remote island in a pandemic.

We still have wind but it’s running low. Might need some horsepower to get to our anchorage.

The Sun is rising to say hey to the moon. Have a great day.


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Ahoy! We have good news and bad news. The good news is we’re still sailing. We search for the wind and we find it. We so have an app for that.

The bad news is there will be too much wind after this weekend. So, it will be dangerous for us to proceed into the Bahamas channel with the squalls that are coming across. Florida.

The good news is we can pull over and wait it out but we need permission from the Bahamas government. This is happening now.

Figures right? “Let’s take the lazy sail” he said. Oye. BTW of we go to shore we go to jail and lose our boat.

I wonder how long we can stay? 🤔


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This is indeed a sweet spot.

Almost a full moon tonight and the water sparkles with moonlight. KN has good motion right now on a broad reach with a slightly reefed headsail. She likes the sparkly waters.

The sail is lit up bright white and we’re guided by a bright star off the bow. Moon behind us.

We jibe at the Navidad Bank and angle towards the coast of the Dominican Republic. They have 23 oz Presidente’ beers there. 🍻


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We found that beauty spot. That point of sail downwind where the waves are behind you yet you’re slightly off the wind. just in time for the captain to lay his head onto his pillow.

Deb just looks at me like I do it on purpose.

We’re slow and steady. Not liking the predicted weather at the end of this journey but how do you predict the weather a week out?

Have a good night.



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Ahoy! We saw another boat! Been a few days of loneliness so that was cool. We crossed paths. They didn’t pop up on AIS so don’t even know who it was.

Still making slow progress and fixing shit. The autopilot was making a weird noise 😳

Just a loose screw. Easy fix. There are other loose screws that are harder to fix 🤪. Deb keeps trying though. Except for some chafe on our job sheets all is well. Knock on wood.


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Ahoy! we were bored at anchor and thought it would be cool to sail downwind for a week in light air. We just have the genny out and we’re doing about 5 knots when the sail stays full. The waves make this impossible so the genny is trying hard to take the rigging down. Other than that we’re fine.

We seem to be slower than everyone else. We did get a late start as usual. A dude calls me on the radio, asks me how I’m doing. Says he’s the guy on my port side with the big black genny. uh, OK. He’s flying a light air blooper or puff daddy whatever. He did a horizon job on us. Annoying.

I have to go stare at the radar. later.

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Test post from the Ocean

Is this sat device actually working? Just checking things out before we go and it would be cool to publish my whining all the way home so I hope this works.

I was typing this and something was messing around below the boat. A weird scraping sound and some thumping. I immediately think of a James Bond villain in scuba gear fucking with the boat. I looked over the rail and there were about 50 fish a foot long all nibbling on the waterline. We just had the bottom cleaned so not sure what they’re eating. No Bond villains.