Our Boat

SV KellyNicole

We named her Kelly Nicole, after our two daughters. Like our girls, she’s a beauty.

4 thoughts on “Our Boat

  1. We looked at a few of these boats but could never find one in our price range. A beautiful boat to be sure!DebS/V Kintalawww.theretirementproject.blogspot.com


  2. Hi we have been following you for awhile. Lurking I guess since we don't comment. S/V Honey Ryder led us to your blog. We have decided on getting a CC. What do you like and dislike about the 44 Morgan?Pat and Joan


  3. Lurkers! I felt somebody watching me. Wait, that was the NSA.Wow, good question. I should add to this post all the likes and dislikes, as it requires some thought. Briefly, we like the way she sails. Reaching is awesome at 8+ knots in 10-15. She is respectable going to weather, and if you really push her she will take off, but she really likes to reach. Downwind OK. Some rolling. She is amazing in light air. That was a complete surprise. Aft cabin is good size. Headroom not bad, but we are Hobbits. Built tough. Thick where it should be. Feels smaller than a 44, which we like. We hate the leaky ports. There was some deck wetness. Poor storage space. Needs more lockers. Galley smallish, but we need to diet. Interior kind of spartan. Could be more teak to make it more cozy. All I've got so far, but I could email you more detail. Thanks for visiting the blog. It gets a little weird sometimes, but hopefully entertaining most of the time :)Let me know if you want more detailed info. Have to get the boat back together before the bread winner gets back.Paul


  4. Greetings from Cream Puff!Our neighbor in TX has a had a Morgan 44cc. Very nice boat. Just seeing the pics brought back a flood of good memories. We thought we would throw a little joy and happiness your way.We have traveled extensively using conventional methods and are inspired by other travelers to keep going.We are planning to start a sailing travel adventure in November/December ish and are busy prepping now. We hope to set sail soon.Joy and happiness to you.Mark and Cindys/v Cream Puffwww.creampuff.us


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