World Water Day

Today is world water day. Take a moment and think about how precious our supply of fresh water is to us all and how we can change our habits to help preserve and maintain this life giving liquid we tend to take for granted.

When we started cruising we soon appreciated every drop of water we had because we weren’t sure where our next source would be. Before long we installed a watermaker to convert sea water to fresh. We always kept full tanks of water and never, ever wasted a drop even though we could make 30 gallons an hour.

We changed our water habits and still to this day, even in our apartment, we are careful with our usage.

So, give some thought to how you can cut down on wasting water because we’re actually running out in places across the globe. It only takes a google search to see there are many places where water shortages are common and people are in danger. Just this morning I read that Louisiana has an issue with their ground water levels.

We sailed, kayaked, swam, played on Lake Ontario for many years. We lived just down the road from the shore in Webster NY. We still head for the lake when we go back. It’s beautiful and it’s fresh. It’s a source of water for many towns, cities and communities in New York and Ontario Canada.

There’s nothing quite like freshwater sailing and we respected that body of water for a lot of reasons but mainly because it was our drinking water!

Here are just a few random photos of our time on the Great Lakes. There are so many pics but I only had time for a just a couple.



Deb paddling out into the lake for the sunset.
One of the many bays and creeks along the lake.
Appropriate name. We kept it.
Well that’s not a light air boat. See ya at the dock! 😉
Racing on the bay
The Hobie that crossed our bow…all the time. 😀
Dockside sundown
Deb was ready to cruise south
Family racing. My Mom came along!
Sodus Bay sunset after we got back from cruising the Thousand Islands.
The beach at Sodus Point, our Home port.
Too cold for Gramps
Grandkids love the water.

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