Bonus Morning Tea. Rochester New York to Grenada.

This is a BONUS Morning Tea post! Yeah I never posted this one for some reason and I never finished it. Oh well. Don’t get confused. We’re not in Rochester NY or Grenada.

Morning Tea posts are a brain dump of all the goofy thoughts running around in my brain. At times it’s too much and these thoughts need to come out. Here you go.

It’s starting to get colder here. I want socks.

It got into the 50’s the other night. We keep the windows open.

Nothing worse than morning tea and toast and the butter is hard.

Rye toast. Yum

Waking up to 50 deg temps in boxer shorts is not fun.

I never thought I would miss a microwave

Maybe I should microwave these boxer shorts

The beeping at 5am must be pretty annoying to the sleeping Debra

Why does a microwave have to beep with each button press and then beep 7 times when it’s done?

This is a strange apartment complex. Maybe they’re all strange.

Debra has a bum shoulder yet she beat us all in bowling. Hmm.

I have the worst form in throwing a bowling ball. My daughter was like, “What the hell was that Dad?”

I didn’t actually leave Buffalo NY voluntarily. I was kicked out because I couldn’t bowl.

There is an apartment that never opens the curtains. Ever. At night there are shadows moving.

Apartment complex renters don’t talk to other renters. They might be odd, clingy and desperate for friendship and THEY KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!

We’ve been outdoors quite a bit.

Daily tick checks are part of my routine now.

What if I get a tick where I can’t see or reach? Debra?

I was told to seek professional medical help for unreachable ticks. For better or worse Deb!!

I stopped buying orange’s from the grocery store. They sucked. Bought some at the farmers market. Delish!

Every town should have a farmers market. A real one. Not arts and crafts, hot sauce and one fruit stand.

I’ve been diagnosed with tennis elbow. WTF.

Repetitive motion in my left arm has aggravated the tendons. I’m supposed to wear an elbow brace.

It’s from guitar playing you pervs!

I think Western New Yorkers are the only people left who use a turn signal

As soon as I got here my nose stuffed up so I sound like everyone else

I saw some people jog down a trail. I followed. I ran back out. Holy fking mosquitoes!

I think the trick is to run not walk

You ever have a black fly just buzz your face and neck the whole hike?

You ever figure you kept the bugs away and then get home to see your face full of welts?

All the other trails in Rochester were fine but the one right next door to us was bug filled.

We never got out on the lake this time. We stood on it’s shore.

Is my fondness for water sports diminishing?

I do see kayaking in my future.

I don’t listen to Jimmy Buffett anymore.

I’m pretty sure that last line should be a song title.

Funny how we change as we get older.

All my favorite rock stars are dying.

I have friends that are dying because they’re miserable

Turn off the news and build a garden. Great song.

I need to turn off the news as well.

Missing the grandkids

I miss my kids too but they’re not as cute.

I hate airports.

I think everyone has a fear of flying so everyone is quiet and tense…or drunk.

I hate going to the bathroom on a plane so I don’t drink before the flight.

Last time I really had to go and I forgot to latch the door. Surprise! Poor gal.

The Grenada Airport is cool. Actually it’s friggin hot as balls.

Where’s the bar? Outside.

Our driver was waiting. We bought him a beer mainly because we needed one.

I immediately sprouted with water beads. By the time we got to the boat I was completely soaked in sweat.

I always love seeing the boat again.

Then I step inside.

Eighty dollars a month for a caretaker. Huh.

You have your suitcases to unpack and the boat is all packed up inside with no place to sit or lay down…ugh.

Oh yea! We have an apartment for a week!

Goodnight boat

I used to love wandering around boatyards.

I actually hate boatyards now.

Boatyards are money pits



Morning Tea. Bequia

Morning Tea posts are just random thoughts bouncing around in my head that I put to paper and then post here for amusement. I don’t do a post like this very often because it’s more of a feeling I get, like my brain is too cluttered with stuff and it needs a good dumping. So, here you go.

Who flags down the Bread Man in pouring rain?

Why did you buy all this stuffing?

The supermarket here is full of frozen meat and booze

We found a provisioning store! Wonderful.

Provisioning can be hugely expensive

How much are you willing to pay for Parmigiano Reggiano?

I can’t wait to shave some fresh parm on my pasta.

Deb, you’re not going into the provisioning store with me? No, can’t bare to watch.

Damn, I should have bought some Irish cheddar and those fancy french olives

Rum shop tours are fun until someone gets hurt

Sucker punching a local is not in our best interest or a gentlemanly thing to do.

When the tour unloads from the buses it looks like senior day at Walgreens.

Crawling Walking up steep inclines is a good workout and allows you time to ponder your health care coverage.

Ponder is not a word used much anymore

“The bar is at the top of that rocky outcropping!”

What a beautiful view from here. I think I’ll smoke a J with three beers.

“Can someone help me get down? Hello! Who’s dog is this? Uh Oh, more dogs.”

Bequia is not that big.

It doesn’t take long for people to notice you’re not from a cruise ship.

You can always fool them by wearing a Jimmy Buffett shirt

A local restaurant ripped me off. I’ll never wear that shirt again.

Funny how Buffett only sings about sailing and the island life and then once you get down here you don’t want to listen to Jimmy anymore.

The local dogs are full of fleas and dirty. I don’t pet them so why do they hang by me?

At a bar a dog sat next to me and barfed at my feet.

I’ve really been into the blues lately

I think being alone on a broken boat gave me a better appreciation for that type of music.

Why do the local dealers single me out for purchasing weed?

Deb needs to look more like a stoner. Take some of the pressure off.

An over the top dog loving woman was looking at me funny for not petting the barfing dog.

I’ve seen at least 4 dudes wearing pirate hats around town

If I wore a pirate hat I would look like Captain Crunch

It’s like everyone has a blue light at anchor now. Getting harder to find the boat at night.

I can’t find any broccoli

Every cooking website or vid I see now has broccoli in it.

I got caught staring at a girl with short shorts. Deb gave me some shit about it.

Deb got caught staring at the same girl later on. I was about to say something but Deb blurted out that she thought the woman had broccoli in her hand. I whipped around so fast I hurt my neck.

It was green beans.

When I was a kid I couldn’t stand broccoli. Now I would kill for it

I’d never really hurt anyone for their broccoli but I’d be willing to trade.

You ever have someone talk to you like they’ve known you for years and you have no idea who they are?

Guy fist bumps me, asks how I’m doing and says he will see me around. I really have no fking clue who this guy is. Happened so fast I never got a name.

Do you think some people do this just to bewilder you for a laugh?

Bewilder is not a word used much anymore.

Even on a mooring it’s still scary when the charter cats come in. These people are dangerous.

I will not miss the charter boat captains though they are entertaining

A friend of mine is about to go cruising. I tried to talk him out of it 😀

It’s been a wonderful retirement so far.

Sailing away was a dream that actually came true

So glad my other dreams never come true.

I have to quit reading Stephen King so much but the jerk cranks out a novel a month it seems.

It bothers me when I open the fridge door and a fly comes out.

The flies on this island go straight for your face…when they’re not in the fridge.

I haven’t heard a jet ski in years.

Why do we still call them jet skis?

When I have to drill a hole in the boat I always think about it for hours.

The worst sounds on a floating boat are a drill, a hammer, saw and running water.

The phrase “Oh shit” is right up there in worst sounds too followed by “shit, shit, shit!”

When someone yells “Oh Shit” on a boat you run toward them. When someone yells “Oh my God!” you go the other way.

You know you’re done with cruising when you’re imagining the pile of crap you’re going to unload on the dock for the dump.

You ever wonder if your fire extinguishers will work when you need them?

We had a fire on a boat once. Not this one. It was an alchohol stove incident. This fire occured the morning of my fire training for my captains license.

I never utilized my captains license but I passed fire training.

I can’t imagine driving a boat load of people around on the water. People are assholes.

People are not all assholes but where there’s one, others follow.

I bought a blue baseball cap. The blue rubs off. “Everybody is so friendly. They were all smiling at me.” You have a blue line across your forehead. “Son of a….”

When we first went cruising we never knew what day it was. Now we have weekly pill organizers as a reminder ðŸ˜Ķ

Will we still want to take pictures of the sunset when we’re not cruising?

Deb kept trying to get the perfect sunset and there were always boats in the way.

There was finally a perfect sunset photo but a cruiser drove out in a dinghy to the mouth of the harbor to stand in front of the sunset to take his photo. Cruisers are assholes.

I bought a small jar of instant coffee. Our spoons don’t fit thru the opening. WTF?

Instant coffee sux (yes even Nescafe Melissa) but it’s a good boost sometimes.

The other morning I woke up with a migraine. I took some pills with some coffee.

Migraine pills have caffeine.

I tend not to shut the hell up when stimulated with caffeine

Same thing happens with beer

Fellow engineers would buy me coffee all the time. It was like over winding a toy and watching it jitter around until it fell off the table.

Engineers are assholes

I see our Lawmakers are not really Lawmakers because laws don’t matter anymore

Lawmakers are assholes

A boat next to us this morning all woke up and walked off the back into the water. All of them. Did not even hesitate. Must have been steamy in there

I wonder what happened to the lady who sold kids books and poetry? I missed being picked out of a crowd to buy a book. Ten people could all be crowding past her and she would reach in and pull me aside.

We have three of her books

I have to stop smiling so much.

I really miss having a toaster

I think I mention the toaster every morning tea post

I get to the states and I have tea and toast in the morning and wait for the sun. Best start to a day.

Making toast in a pan is too time consuming.

I left butter out on the counter once. Such a horrible mess

I will surely miss a constant 85 degrees

This nice weather keeps my guitar in tune

I’m still shy about Jamming

Why can’t jams be during daylight hours?

Sometimes there are acoustic jams only. They’re during the day

So only folk guitar jams during the day?

I want to show up with the Strat and bang out God Save The Queen. Keep up Guthrie!

Electric guitarists are assholes

And I’m not very good at playing God Save the Queen

My Merrill sandals held up way better than the Keens

The shore music finally stopped at 2:30 AM

Why am I waking up before the Sun?

You ever get tired of having wind in your face?

Our propane tank is on the back deck. I shut it off every night

I do an early morning tip toe out to turn it back on, trying not to wake Deb

Why when you are trying to be quiet do you trip over something or drop something?

Ever make a stupid comment on facebook and regret it and then your wifi signal vanishes so you can’t delete it?

We are stealing wifi and the signal really sux. It really messes you up sometimes when commenting on something.

You ever wonder if people contact your family after seeing some of your comments or posts?

My daughter always calls when we run the watermaker

If we didn’t have a watermaker Deb would have bailed on this lifestyle years ago

It’s going to feel weird leaving the Windward Islands

You think you’re the only one up and you’re standing on the deck in your boxers looking around and here’s another guy in boxers on another boat doing the same thing. Awkward.

Deb calls for a laundry pickup and the laundry boat ties up next to the port for the head which I’m currently occupying. That’s awkward too. “You guys making chili?”

You ever wonder why some of these boats have like 10 antennas all over them?

I’m kind of radio shy

I can’t look at Deb when she’s on the radio else she messes up. Then she gets mad at me.

Our Kayaks are completely faded

Are the UV rays making me gray?

We’re so much better at not getting sunburned then our first year cruising

I’m already down to 3 good shirts.

Oxygen is corrosive. We’re all oxidizing on the inside.

Eat your spinach

I’m pondering our next voyage but I’m a little bewildered by the weather

The Sun is up and so is Deb.



Well that didn’t take long. ðŸĪŠ

Last November, yes it was 2018, we pulled into Grenada after a rough ride from Trinidad and while looking for a spot to drop the hook in Prickly Bay we noticed a serious shake in the engine at low RPM. Debra and I looked at each other thinking this wasn’t right and we needed someone to look at it. I think we both knew at that point that we were sailing for home though neither of us brought it up in conversation. I thought of just ignoring the problem and making tracks but I’m now glad we didn’t. Who knows where we would have broke down.

We called the local shop that everyone recommends and we invited them over to have a look. I think we all know by now how the story goes so let me just show you in bullet points how it progressed (If I can still remember)

  1. In Trinidad our mechanic notices our engine seems shakey, hours before we leave.
  2. Horrible trip in the dark from Trini to Grenada.
  3. Slow speed anchoring and the engine is shaking enough for me to feel it at the bow.
  4. Call for service
  5. Mech says shaft not centered in the stern tube. Move engine!
  6. Haul boat
  7. Boat hauled too long and paint dies
  8. Repaint bottom
  9. New packing and cleaned up shaft seal and shaft centered in tube
  10. Launch
  11. Drive around Wobourn Bay. Looks good! Feels good!
  12. Go to Prickly Bay
  13. Low RPM looking for an anchor drop spot and she SHAKES!
  14. Engine Mounts changed
  15. Shakes
  16. New and better coupling because my old one was suddenly no good
  17. Shakes
  18. Shaft. Got to be the shaft.
  19. Shaft too long. Cut shaft.
  20. Shakes.
  21. Haul out for season
  22. Order new shaft
  23. New shaft installed
  24. Launch, Shakes
  25. Buy flexible coupling and install
  26. Shakes
  27. Must be the prop!
  28. Oh fuck off I’m not ordering a new prop!
  29. New mechanic
  30. It’s your transmission!
  31. Bad clutch cone in the transmission
  32. WTF.
  33. Cone.

Shake is gone and we are unshackled.

It’s a whole new attitude and feeling aboard the KN. We’re prepping for voyage!

Homeward Bound Baby! Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. One island at a time and we’ll see how it goes. She’s an old gal and we’re going to treat her to some nice sails. Nothing wild. I think she wants a nice relaxing trip with no sporty passages. We will try our best to accommodate her.

Even though we are excited to leave we are a bit anxious about heading out into the deep blue sea. We have not been out there for over a year so it will take a bit to get our mojo back. Our first sail will be to the island of Carriacou, a favorite stop. It is still part of Grenada but it will be a nice short trip to make sure things are cool. There is also a good marina there if something is NOT cool.

We will miss Grenada. This island felt like home to us. To me especially as Debra left me here to fly back to the States for a month and a half. I still can’t believe I didn’t do anything stupid that whole time I was left alone. I must be maturing.

Carriacou is actually still Grenada but it’s another island. When we get there we will most likely be back into our groove again. It will feel good after all this time.



When this old tub makes it back to the States there’s going to be a party on KN!

Launch Day, Grenada Part II

While Debra sat contemplating her future cruising life I fired off a text to the chief mechanic expressing my lack of enthusiasm in their efforts to rid us of this plague infecting our drivetrain.

Apparently the message got through because boss man said he’d be there bright and early to see what’s up. Uh, so you want to watch it shake itself to death despite the new shaft, coupling, engine mounts and assorted other adjustments over the last oh…Hey almost a year now.

We collected ourselves and got the boat ready for time on the water. Figuring we were going to be here at least another month in this harbor. I had the (dumb) idea of getting a mooring. You ever leave an anchor chain sitting in the water for over a month? Yeah. Disgusting. You ever test an engine in gear while at anchor? Yeah, you drag your chain right up to the anchor and chances are some douche is going to drop the hook right on top of you so you can’t go anywhere (see last season) anyway. So a mooring it is. I wanted one as close to shore as possible. They laughed.

We had a restless night as you can imagine but come morning the guy we give gobs of money to arrived. “Yep, she shakes.” Brilliant!

What you need is a flexible coupling. It will mask the actual problem but it will make it all go away.” What? Do it! Buy me a magic coupling and make all this go away! At this point I could give a rats ass what the original problem is.

We said goodbye to our Guy We Give Gobs of Money to and we prepared to shake our way out to the mooring. I asked for help with the lines. One of the “Helpers” pulled the bow too hard to port and we scraped the side on the way out. Asshole.

We got tied off to a mooring and Deb was like, “Too early for a beer?” Hell no woman. Crack em open. Normally we don’t drink this early unless we drop the anchor in the morning after a good voyage. This was a special occasion. A beer. Some breakfast and a nap. Being in the water is better than the yard even though we’re still F’d up.

The following morning I was pretty excited about the magic coupling. I was walking on my toes with anticipation. The Guy We Give Gobs of Money to showed up with the magic. Ooh, I just had to touch it. This was the device that was going to get us home and possibly save my boat from an early sale.

Wrong bolt size. Son of a bitch! The Guy We Give Gobs of Money (TGWGGOM) to left to find another one. More waiting.

We got off the boat and popped around the isand a bit. We made it to the University area where we ordered veggie bowls and beers. We stopped at a place called Options and saw some old faces. We even got to watch a Purdue football game and had some good conversation with some football fans. It felt good to get away from the boat.

Shwarma guy is now Pita guy. No problem
Shwarma, I mean Pita guy has college football on Saturdays. Yea Pita guy!

TGWGGOM shows up with the proper sized magic coupling. He slaps it on while I pace.

“OK she’s installed. Lets start her up and put her into gear.”

We were ready for all this to be over with and I stood tall with my hand on the gear lever where I whispered a little prayer to who or what wants to listen. Here we go….

She shook worse than ever. ðŸ˜Ķ

I heard TGWGGOM below, “ah fuck”. So I said it, “Ah fuck”. Then Deb said it, “Ah fuck”.

I shut the engine off and took a seat. How much more of this can we take? This boat has been stuck in Grenada for about a year now. OMG a friggin year!

“You want me to remove the coupling?”


“I don’t know what else to do?”


“We could pull the prop.”

I’m not hauling.

“We could dive on it. Pull it. Replace it with another temporary prop to see if the prop is the problem.”

Sure, knock yourself out.

“You could buy a new prop.”

I’m not buying a fucking prop.

“I’ll find a temp replacement and we’ll swap it out underwater.”


Debra started working on the for sale ad. I worked up a price that would sell fast. The boat was never a factor in our retirement. We assumed a loss so anything we get for it is a bonus.

A prop was found to slap on the shaft but then it was found to be bent. Goody. I asked for a compression test and injector replacement. I have spare injectors. The transmission is showing no signs of a problem so we’ll not bother with that for now. I’ve started looking for others to help and I have some leads. I can’t keep lingering here with zero satisfaction. In the mean time we’re getting other boat chores completed and enjoying the place.

It’s a Friday and it’s a shopping day. We were going to go but there was a threat of rain so we bailed. Sure enough just before lunch a squall hit. We sat down for lunch below decks and finally the sun came back out and a gentle breeze flowed. It was going to be a gorgeous day.

The anchor alarm went off. This thing is annoying. Every time we rotate after a storm we get the alarm. I go up top to reset….


I started the engine and put her into reverse to pull our bow away from the boat we were about to hit and then slapped it forward to move away from the other one behind us. We powered forward dragging the mooring with us until we found a spot to drop anchor. We dropped the hook, set it and called the marina. If we had went shopping KN would be on the rocks and totalled. Damn it! Why didn’t we go? 😀

The dockmaster came out and asked if we were securely anchored. He then went back to get his dive gear.

Uh, dude. Untie me from this dead mooring you knob.

He came back in dive gear and a spear gun. WTF. He plopped over the side and was gone for 10 minutes. What the hell is he doing. He pops up with a fish on the spear and throws it into his dinghy. “The mooring pulled out of the ground!”, he said.

No shit.

“I put you on a better one all the way up close to shore.”

You can see the fish at the end of the spear

Dude I don’t think I want another mooring. “It’s a good one. Guarantee.” Damn. Why do I let these things happen to me. A mooring works out better for us with all the work going on. What the hell I’ll take the mooring. He then vanishes underwater for another 15 minutes. Seriously man? He pops up with another fish and says he will meet us at the next mooring. He really didn’t care about the mooring. Just his dinner.

We’re now as close to shore as you can get and we have a sandbar behind us to stop the boat if she breaks free. A thorough beating against the rocks would probably be best at this point. I mean, we could be worry free 😉

So here we sit again waiting on mechanics to throw darts at this problem. I’ve expressed my dismay and anger to no avail but we’ve finally taken control and are calling the shots. Other eyes on this problem will solve it no doubt. We will prevail.

How much worse can this get we thought. We get an email notice that we have mail from Novamar, our insurance company.


I contacted the bastards and they said they will not insure anyone in the Caribbean right now. OK so let me get this straight. You insured boats in the danger zone and low and behold there was danger and they filed claims. So many claims that you pull out of the area. Meanwhile us follow the rules types stay out of the danger zone but we get cancelled. Piss off eh!

You really have to laugh.

I forgot to mention that our batteries died. Yes we got 3 years out of those Trojans. I bought some cheap AC Delco batts. Maintenance free. They worked for a few days and then one died. Yep. I’m still laughing. Deb might be on the verge of complete humour removal. I’ll keep an eye on her.

Life is still good. We have rainbows and cold beer.



Oh. So we’re close to shore now right? This work boat pulls into the marina to POUND pilings into the earth for the next month or two. LOL. We might be batshit crazy by the time this season ends.

Launch Day Grenada. Part 1

Launch day was usually after weeks in the steam and rain of Trinidad where we lived on the boat next to the jungle getting KN ready for sea duty. It was a slow process because you could only do so much work in that heat and humidity. There was plenty of time to rest and regain some fluids. It was still stressful because when you launch you pretty much head out to sea. There’s no lingering in that nasty harbor and as you may recall we had to turn around a few times with issues. Leaving Trini at night on the day you launch is VERY stressful.

We expected a Grenada launch to be somewhat more relaxing and easier on our bodies because we were sleeping in an apartment at night and not in the boat yard as usual. I’ve come to the conclusion that launch day is stressful and tiring no matter how you go about it. If I was a money bag sailor I would just have everyone else do the work and we would fly in, have a big breakfast, watch the boat launch and then sail away with champagne in hand. Alas, poor Paulie scraped, sanded and painted his way to launch day.

The view from our apartment
Our Little apartment on the hill overlooking Kelly Nicole

There are few days worse than launch day. Dying Day, Judgement Day, Arraignment Day, Tax Day and the day after Boat Purchase Day (what have we done?) come to mind but for the most part Launch Day really sucks.

It started off with me waking up on the boat in the yard at four in the morning. I realized I had not checked the mast lights. While it was still dark I scrambled out of the boat and into the yard in boxers and flip flops. I wasn’t sure when security was going to make their rounds but I was not quite awake yet and didn’t really care. I’m sure they’ve seen worse like the dude peeing next to his boat as security walked up behind him. Oops.

I had turned on all the lights and they looked good except I could not see the anchor light at the mast head so I walked further away down the yard. Ah, she’s lit. Good. At that moment a swarm of mosquitoes caught up to me and I was waving my hands around trying to get back to the boat and my flip flop caught on one of the metal loops for the tie-down straps. I stumbled trying to catch my balance still swatting bugs as our neighbors walked up to their boat to start their work day. I just kept swatting my way up the ladder and back into the boat to start some tea. I wonder what they thought they saw?

As the sun started to rise and I had my fifth tea (double bagged) I started my mental checklist of things needed to float this tub. It was a rough week for me having a hideous cold and cough while trying to scrape, sand and paint the bottom along with all the other stuff. I was running on empty and starting to get panicky. I got the fenders out, the docklines, all the seacocks closed. I went through my list, prop painted, zincs in place, tape is off the depth and speed transducers, radio works, anchor is ready. OK. I’m ready. Let’s get this fking over with. Let’s Go! Let’s Go!

We sat. Our 9am launch was slowly ticking away as we sat in the cockpit waiting for the trailer to take us to the water. One and a half hours of my knees bouncing up and down and biting my nails and chattering to Deb like a chipmunk on speedballs. Soon we heard movement down below. A dude with a big rasta bonnet comes by. “Hello Kelly Nicole! You have to get down now!” Finally. We climbed down the ladder and sat in the shade as the trailer came in and they started lifting KN and positioning her for the trip to the haulout. I’m forgetting something. What am I forgetting?

We walked behind the trailer as it moved through all the boats and towards the waiting travel lift. The lift! The lift is facing the wrong way I thought. I want to go in the water bow first. Hey! I ran up to the driver of the trailer. “I want to go in bow first!” He threw his hands up and another dude yelled to another dude and that dude yelled to the travel lift driver dude that I wanted bow first. There was some yelling, arguing and hand gestures but the travel lift swung around while the trailer moved out of the way. Making friends.

Now everything was ready and the travel lift scooped up KN and rolled towards the water and started lowering her. They stopped with the transom close to shore so we could hop aboard. We’re on.

When we got into the water I started the engine and then I went below with a flashlight to check for any leaks. Bow to stern I checked all the bilges and seacocks. As I was moving the flashlight away from the seacock under the sink I saw a sparkle. Water? Oh fuck. The seacock was leaking. NOOOooooo!

I came up and notified the lift driver. A tech jumped aboard. We determined it was leaking through the handle. It has to be replaced. As we were discussing what to do next the engine died. Just shoot me now.

The trailer came back and the lift lowered us onto it and they parked us in the yard while the seacock was replaced. I had a spare. They said we would try it again after lunch.We had lunch but no tech showed up. I wasn’t going to fight that drain hose. This I will spend the money on. It’s now 2 pm and finally the kid shows up. Half hour and we got a new seacock installed. Phew. We’re ready now! Hello!

We were moved to the last launch of the day at around 3 PM.

Before lunch they just walked away with the boat on the trailer. Too high for us to climb aboard. I asked for a ladder. Rasta dude found a broken old fiberglass ladder with one leg all splintered fiberglass. It just reached the stern ladder. “You better tie dat down.” I did. I found a too long line but used it anyway and tied off the ladder. Should I do both sides? Nah.

At 3 PM the yard manager yelled for us to get off the trailer. Now! OK dude. Debra went down the ladder and then I went next and paused to untie the long line. Just then the trailer engine started and it went into gear. Deb screamed STOP! But it moved forward with me on the ladder. I untied the line and jumped as the ladder started falling and I landed and caught the ladder as it was an inch from the ground and casually walked away. 😀

The yard worker spotting for the driver put his hand over his mouth and stared at me as I walked away giving the driver the “Fk you” look. Don’t know how I didn’t fall with the ladder crushing all my fingers. Bastards. Had I tied both sides I would have been dragged along with the trailer. If I had both hands in a cast because of these idiots I would have busted into the office and used my huge casts to trash the place. Then I’d bust their car windows. Pauly Smash!

KN was lowered into the water again. No leaks. The engine would not start. She wasn’t getting any fuel. I started the electric lift pump to get the fuel moving and eventually she turned over and ran for a while. Everyone ran away to smoke a blunt and go home. We were left to stay in the slip overnight. Sweet.

In all the chaos we forgot to test something. The new shaft! Hey Deb let’s put her into gear and check it out! Here goes…

Shake rattle and roll! She shook like an LA quake. Deb put her hands over her face and sat down. I stared off into space forming new obscenities to type into my phone for my mechanic.

To be continued…




It was three in the morning when I heard the dude upstairs start his shower. Usually I wake up at two because he’s pissing in the toilet and it’s about the time I have to go anyway but a shower at three? C’mon man. I tried to fall back asleep but the water kept running. I tossed and turned and then resigned myself to just staring at the ceiling until I felt like getting up and making some tea.

The water kept running. I’m usually up before this dude decides to clean himself so I have no idea what the shower sounded like down here but damn it sounds too loud. Actually it sounds wet. Almost like the dripping is in here. I couldn’t stand it anymore and I walked into the bathroom to look around with the light on my phone. I stepped in water. What the fuck! There’s water running down the walls! There’s water coming through the ceiling fan! There’s water everywhere! Deb!!

We got towels and I called security because it’s just what I thought you should do. Knocking on the neighbors door at three something in the morning seemed wrong. Security told me they would drive around the building. What? What the fuck is that going to do? They have to wait until daytime hours and call the owners to get permission to enter the apartments. Oh for Christ sakes.

I got my shoes on. Oops. Pants too. I ran upstairs and BANGED on the door. That might have been a bad idea. I knocked again a little softer.

“Yeah! Hold on!” I heard grumbling and mumbling. All I could think of was the dude was looking for his gun. From deep in the apartment I heard, “Aww fuck me”. I then heard footsteps towards the door. The dude opened it up almost naked with his hand over his forehead and his eyes closed saying, “Man, I’m sorry man it just overflowed. The toilet valve is fucked up and well I just noticed it.”

Picture a southern Tommy Chong minus the beard with a giant beer belly.

“I usually know when it’s fucked up but I had an accident man and got like seventeen stitches in my head so I been sleeping on the couch to keep my head up.” The couch was pulled out in front of a massive TV which was playing some old black and white movie. There were paper shopping bags all over the place filled with stuff and well, if there were twenty cats in there too I would not be surprised.

Is the water shut off? “Yeah man it’s off. My truck is down the road and I have a wet vac in it. I can suck it up tomorrow if you want”

Thanks but as long as the water is off we should be able to handle it. “Alright man. You here through the weekend? Cause we got an owners meeting and I will bring it up that my fucking toilet did it again.”

Uh, OK. Hope your head feels better.

I’m so tired. Tommy Chong is moving around up there now. We let the owner know what happened. Tommy better not appear at our door with a wet vac. I think he should put another movie on and light up and enjoy the day while using the guest bathroom.



Update: Tommy just knocked on the door and wanted to see the damage. I let him in. He doesn’t even look like the same guy this morning. He’s off to work and before he left us he mentioned he quit drinking and the damn doctors should have told him he might pass out cause that’s why he got stitches in his head and why he didn’t hear the toilet flowing. Thanks for the info Tommy.

Close call

Getting the new used bike on the trails here on Hilton Head Island has been fun. It’s nice to just pop on the bike and burn off some energy (calories) whenever I feel up to it.

Yesterday I did some beach riding. Upwind was brutal but it was worth it to see a guy walking his bike through the creek that flows out to the atlantic. He must have crossed at low tide and it wasn’t quite low enough to avoid a good soak on the way back. Oops! Once he got up to his balls in water I couldn’t watch anymore and took off down the beach. A glance back caught him on my side drying off and his bike laying in the sand. If he waited any longer it would have been one hell of a long ride to get back or a swim without his bike.

I got off the beach and road the trails for a while ending up along the main drag on the island. This was a long stretch and slightly downhill so I got up to speed and really flying down the path. I made it to an intersection and the light in the crosswalk was in my favor. I slowed to almost a stop and was balancing slowly, slowly, trying to get the attention of the driver wanting to make a right on red. I got a look so I took off. He either didn’t register my presence or assumed I was staying where I was and decided to move forward into the turn while looking at oncoming traffic. I yelled and sped up and lucky for me his wife slapped his arm for him to stop. He stopped inches short of my rear wheel. It was a Prius so my odds of serious injury were slim.

I looked back at him and he was apologizing with his hands and head shaking. Close one.

I always wear a helmet and try to wear bright clothing. I don’t have any LED lights/strobes for the thing yet but that’s next on the list. One thing I should have done is come to a complete stop and wait for the dope to wave me on. The traffic on the main road is brutal and you really are at risk in those crosswalks because people want to jump out in any break in traffic even if they run you over to get there.

I’m going out again after dinner for a lazy ride and hopefully the traffic will be lighter. I don’t like these close calls. It’s like you only get a certain number of them and after that…squish.