Antigua Update

We’re hiding from the north swell in Jolly Harbour. This spot is better than the anchorage next to the solid waste dump.

Old KN needs a proper cleaning and wax job. Those knobs at Spice Island Marine did a horrible job. That was the worst hull cleaning we’ve ever had. So glad I did my own bottom job.

Yes, we picked up a mooring. We’re spoiling ourselves just a little bit. It’s quiet in here. Too quiet actually. The moorings are a little tight but we’ve all spread out. It won’t be long before we get some close company. No doubt it will be someone who likes to play Kenny G all morning.

We had a few windows to move west but we backed off because of the north swell which limits your places to anchor unless you like rolling. Rolling sucks. We still want to see Barbuda and St Bart’s before getting back to territory we’ve been to.

If you’ve ever seen the show Below Deck, this is the boat they are currently on and they are filming in Antigua. My daughters are fans and I said I’d get a photo of the boat. They were filming and we were trying to get into the shot because we’re dorks. My daughter suggested I do something really dumb and goofy to get on camera. You mean like, selling everything you have and sailing away on a 30 yr old boat? 🤔

We did some grocery shopping and we spotted a bar. Just a few people were there. We are avoiding large gatherings of sneezing and coughing people so we thought we’d pop in for a few. Before we realized what was happening the yacht club held a post race party at the bar and it was jammed with people. Time to go! We were hand sanitizing as we walked the dock 😜

I always rinse fruit and veggies with fresh water but now I’m actually washing them. Crazy world right now. Most of the people we’ve met really aren’t giving the pandemic much thought though I don’t see that many people spending the whole day on shore. It’s eerily quiet in town. This virus is on everyone’s mind. We’re just following the WHO guidelines and hoping for the best.

The sunsets are pretty again but it’s a wee bit cooler up here versus the lower Windwards. Deb has been sleeping with a light blanket over her legs. I’m not at that stage yet. It has been nice not being a wet rag full of sweat when walking around town.

My sweat must be very acidic. If sweat gets in my eye I’m pretty much blind until I get rid of it. My eyes will start watering and my nose will run and then I’m using my t-shirt to wipe it all up and finally I’m able to focus and there’s a bartender staring at me. “What can I get you? Bottle of water for your face? Surgical mask? Please step back 3 feet.”

We’ve been to a few restaurants on the island and the food is good but not much for vegetarians. It’s not a problem as we cook on the boat for the most part. Food here is expensive and it’s reflected in the prices on most menus.

Hash browns. Cut, then boil for 5-7 mins adding a tablespoon of vinegar to the water. Drain and then fry. Perfect and a lot quicker than just dumping them into a pan. The vinegar changes the chemistry a bit and gives you a nice crisp on the outside tender on the inside spud.

Never buy the asparagus down here. It looks good in the store but when you get it to the boat it’s a stinky mushy mess. Blech. Yeah it’s amazing how fast it spoils. One of the worst smells.

Falmouth harbour has shitty holding. I could feel the anchor chain dragging across rocks as we pulled back. The anchor bounded off rocky outcroppings before it stuck. When the tradewinds died we found ourselves drifting too close to our neighbors so we moved. Then we moved again as the wind shifted south and then north. WTF. Above is a screen shot of our relocations. Falmouth harbour is considered a park and you are charged a fee for every day you spend there. I should have lied about our length of stay. Yowza! $$$

All in all it’s been fun ride so far. When we got to Antigua we figured we would hang for a bit and check it out but we’re ready to leave now. Just waiting on the weather to cooperate. When we launched this season we promised ourselves we would take it slow and have a comfortable ride back. So far so good. Well, except for the pandemic and continuous north swell. The sailing has been good!

We might be getting to the point where we just want to get this over with. I hate to have that happen but once we start repeating places it will be hard to not keep moving. Kind of a been there done that deal.

We have seen a few familiar faces from our time in the windwards but one more jump and it will be a whole new bunch of sailors. Most cruisers get this far and then head back down. Some have started that journey already.

We are seeing more US and Canadian flagged vessels now. We were flagless until recently. I finally bought a flag and mounted it on the backstay. That’s the only spot on this boat that makes sense to fly a flag. We bought a new one this season and it ripped in half before we got to Dominica.

We want to make sure we have a flag flying when we get to PR. Last time we sailed there our flag was missing and a helicopter above us must have been spying because the coast guard came flying out of nowhere in a boat and got behind us. Once they saw our home port of NY they waved and zoomed away. I guess from the chopper Debra must look sinister.

49 days rowing across the Atlantic. Crazy and impressive.

Almost time for a hot shower and then some guitar work. A little lunch and then a trip to shore. It’s a beautiful day in Antigua. A light breeze right now and 80 degrees in partly cloudy skies. Life is still good out here and we are enjoying it! I highly recommend it.



February Sucks

What awful weather. I’m not a fan of February. I’m pretty sure February sucks just about everywhere on the planet. We’ve got on and off rain for about 4 days now. Could be worse. My Daughter in Rochester is living in snow and zero degrees. Wind chill -5. That’s when the snow squeaks when you walk on it. Many years ago we would have a whole month or more of that squeaky snow. Cars doors would be frozen shut. Garage door would be frozen too. Beers would freeze. Dogs would freeze. One year someone noticed all the geese on the bay were still in the same place they were last week. Frozen. People would slip and fall going out to their mailbox at night and freeze. So, I shouldn’t complain about a warm rain I guess. But I’m gonna.

You want to go to shore? I think it stopped raining. No, here it comes again. Wait. OK, now it’s done for a while let’s go. What should we get for dinner? How about we go to ah fuck it’s raining.

So we’re kind of trapped unless we want to venture out into the rain. Being trapped in a fiberglass tube whipping around in squalls for days is a kind of torture. If people were using this technique to get me to talk I would sing like a canary. Deb is desperately trying not to make eye contact with me for fear I may try to start a conversation about some nonsense floating around in my head.

What if the president was actually a poorly disguised alien sent to enslave the population as a food source for the following invasion. Would we be considered a delicacy because we’re vegetarians? Like grass fed cows? Would I just be used for breeding because I’m old and thin?  That would be one hell of a way to end my days. I’d be one of the roosters! I’d walk like Mick Jagger all around the farm.”

I’m pretty sure I would they would kill you instantly.

I’m kind of pacing the cage and getting weirder. Guitar practice is a good way to pass the time but after a while I’m like, “I need air!” I suppose I could bring the guitar out into the cockpit. I don’t want it to get wet and the rain is blowing around.

I was reading quite a bit and finished a Dean Koontz series. They were short novels and I blew through them pretty quick. I nailed a few Stephen King books too. One I downloaded ended up being a Stephen R King book. I was so pissed I refused to read it. The prick even has his font set the same as the real Stephen King so you get fooled into ordering. Bastard. I don’t care if he wrote the best novel of his life I’m not reading it.

I started working on small projects. Nothing too involved because I don’t want to fuck anything up that will extend our stay here in Squallville. It looks like the end of the month might be the end of the big winter winds and more relaxed weather will be the norm. I hope that’s true. I want to get moving again.

Our boat bottom is starting to accumulate some growth I think. I’d like to get a look at it but I don’t want to get blown out to sea. She was nice and clean while we were moving but now the critters are thinking they found a nice union hall in their neighborhood and they’re organizing.

I was watching one of the mega yachts come in to dock when I caught something jumping out of the water to the right. I seriously think this was a shark. No shit. All I saw was a grayish white underbelly of a large fish hit the water and then a gray fin as it submerged. Uh, maybe I’ll call for a diver to check the bottom. I suppose it could have been a shark. What else has a fin like that? A dolphin would have popped up for air right? I sat there watching the surface for a while hoping to see and hear a dolphin pop up for a breath. Nope.  Never heard of a shark attack down here in the islands. Bahamas are a different story.

We got to a grocery store in between squalls and it was just the little one in town but it was pretty good! We got some fresh veg’s and some odd things we usually don’t find. They have a little courtyard out front with tables and wifi so we bought a couple of Banks beers and sat down for a wifi session. Nice. We even got back to the boat before it rained.

We’re waiting around for the weather to clear and we can re-stock some items. We will need fuel, propane and a spare part for the fridge that we ordered. Once we’re fully stocked we will leave on the first good window and see where it takes us. In the meantime we have some beaches to check out and a St Johns to explore. I think we’ll hop bays again just for a change of scenery.

It was Debra’s birthday and went out to a bar to celebrate. I think I celebrated more than she did. 😀


When you sit in a harbor too long you tend to get a little wacky. One day you read on the internet that zebra stripes keep bugs away because the stripes screw with the bugs vision and depth perception. So, you get an idea…

WTF man!

I’ve got a cup of coffee in my hands and chatting with Debra. It’s early morning. Chatting with Debra at this hour is interesting. I talk and she nods or makes a noise. I continue to talk. I say, “We should hit up the grocery store today”. She nods or something, I forgot. I take a sip and look over at the fridge controls because my life is looking at controls apparently. When I get up in the mornings I look at the fridge, freezer, the battery levels, the tilt of the solar panels, the propane tank pressure etc. (Did you know I was a controls Engineer in my working life?) Anyhow, I glance over at the fridge and the display is dead. So is the fridge. Son of a…

I fiddly fart around with some stuff but nothing is happening to my satisfaction so I start with the tear down. Our fridge controller I just installed before we left is dead. WTF man!

Being a pack rat I looked for the old controller and bingo there she is. After inspecting and measuring volts and stuff I came to the conclusion that we smoked the new controller. Oye. I popped the old one in and wired it according to the freezer controls which are the same. Nope. No controller. WTF man!

I started emailing the manufacturer who’s owner and tech guy seemed to be in a Friday mood and was spoon feeding me info and not answering all my questions. “Dude are you high already? Get with the customer satisfaction program here pal.”

I sent an email to the gal in the office instead of the owner and got what I needed. A wiring diagram for both the old and new controller. Thank you. Women should rule the world. It would be much better organized.

The old controller is in and running and the fridge is cooling down.For some stupid reason our fridge and freezer controls are not wired the same. Oye. Never ever throw anything out that is fucked up but still somewhat functional. This might also apply to some family members 😀

Monday we will get a new controller shipped and end another technical problem. My gods when will this shit end? Can’t believe I asked that. I’m on a boat.

The beers are still cold. Cheers! – PJJB

Safe Harbor

The tradewinds increase today with the ending of our weather window. We were anchored in Freeman Bay, English Harbor and it was packed in there. We would not have enough anchor chain out for the wind that was coming. It looked like a bad scenario so we moved over to Falmouth Harbor. Lot’s of room over here and we were absorbing the openness when some knob pulls in next to us while we’re facing SE so of course when the big winds come from ENE he is directly in front of us.

I used to let shit like this bother me and many years ago I would have been on the bow giving him the old WTF arms but I’m better now. I just blog about them. You would not believe how calm I was in the other anchorage with people anchored within a boat length on all sides. I was the picture of the calm and care free American. No worries man!

To be honest I’m still pissed I didn’t take the offer of a complete paint job on KN for $1400 when we first got to Trinidad. It was a deal never to be seen again. I was one handshake away from doing it. Now I’m ready with the camera whenever a boat is too close. “You don’t seem too upset that guy parked right on top of us.” Nope. Insurance Paint job.

As long as we’re stuck for at least a week I might as well get some chores done. Our topping lift line has some chafing so I bought some new line that I will put in today. Watermaker filters need replacing and our throttle control is getting sticky. Not sure what that’s all about and I hesitate pulling it until we’re sure we’ve got good holding when the wind picks up. I’ll yank the thing out and the anchor will break loose. Just the way it goes in my world.

We still need to dinghy around the harbor to see where everything is. Our guidebooks are over 6 years old. Did I mention all the sailing this season from this point on is off the wind? It’s such a relief knowing you’re not going to be bashing into the wind and waves to get somewhere. We may get to rolling back and forth a bit if we’re directly downwind, which is kind of pukey but it’s sure better than getting the crap kicked out of you going upwind. If you’re coming south down the thorny path you better have a boat that can take a pounding upwind and you better have a motor in good shape with clean fuel tanks. Just saying. Oh and really good rigging. Not to scare any of you out of coming down but yeah it’s called the THORNY PATH for a reason. As I type this we have more boats surrounding us now. I started to get that agitated feeling but my inner Saint Pauly took over. Deb had to pat me on the shoulder, “Calm down Sparky”. Paint job. Insurance paint job.

The wind has increased some more and we saw a boat go buy with what first looked like a bale of hay hanging off their Mantus anchor swinging on the bow. A closer look and it was a chunk of rock and some woman was up there beating on it with a boat hook. They motored around until the dude left the cockpit and lifted it off the anchor. We both laughed and then wondered what we might be hooked on down below. The water is pretty stirred up right now and not very clear so I hesitated going down for inspection. I get to about ten feet and my lungs want air. Not sure if I can spot the anchor from there. Well, if it doesn’t pop out in 25 knots of wind it should be good to go right?

My stomach was all fucked up today. Have no idea why except I had coffee instead of tea this morning. Damn Nescafe’. I had some soup for lunch and it seems to have calmed down a bit but I’m kind of groggy and out of sorts. The anchor alarm went off last night and I didn’t hear a thing until Debra slid the hatch open. I figured maybe she was launching the dinghy to catch a plane or something leaving me here at anchor. That’s when I decided to check on her but she came back and I went back to the land of messed up dreams. If we had been dragging anchor she would have started the engine and I would have Jack-in-the-boxed out of that bed so fast I might have flown right out the hatch.

When we anchor we set an alarm on a tight setting. After a day or so we open up the settings figuring we’re set. It also depends on how closely packed we are among other boats. On a tight setting the alarm may go off if the boat swings too much in the wind. It’s a shitty alarm setup and Raymarine can do better than that but it’s what we have.

We were in our traveling mode and on the move every few days. Felt good. Now we will sit a while and probably get that apprehensive feeling again when it’s time to leave. Can’t help it. Sitting for a while makes you comfortable and lazy and once you find out where everything is and you have the bus schedule and location of cool bars then you get settled and it’s hard to leave again.

We will go into town today and stretch the legs a bit. I’d like to score some fresh veggies if possible and maybe find out where to fill our propane bottles. If we’re a little low I may not worry because I know I can get them filled in St Martin but I’m thinking we may be here a while based on the current forecast. February looks to be too intense for us wimpy sailors.

I have to go stare at the neighbors. Later.



Making Tracks

That was one good weather window! We are anchored in Antigua waiting for the next one to come along and take us to St Martin and beyond. It really is a pleasure going in the other direction. No bashing into the wind and waves and the current is in our favor as well. Joy.

Some of the highlights along the way were meeting friends Jodi and Gary on Country Dancer. We have not seen them since before we left to cruise 6 years ago. We met in Vero Beach Florida and it was fun seeing them again only this time in St Lucia. Jodi made a fantastic meal catering to us veg heads. Unfortunately we were leaving in the morning and had to take it easy else we woke up with beer heads. Beer heads are not something to have at sea. Barf.

We finally got to Dominica and it was a great stop. We heard a lot about the P.A.Y.S. guys and their moorings and tours and it was fun spending time with Anthony (Sea Bird) who took us on a river tour and then helped us with assorted chores and visits to shore. Good dude. Hope their union stays intact and they continue to provide a great service.

We pulled into English Harbour and it was full of boats but Deb found an opening and we plopped the anchor down among everyone without complaints. Clearing in was a snap because I used the online check-in before we arrived. As we were settling in everyone on their boats started blowing their air horns and the mega yachts blared their horns and people were shouting and the fort had people with flares going off…WTF is going on?! The Atlantic Rowers were starting to come across the finish line after some 50 days at sea crossing the Atlantic and the finish line was the entrance to English Harbour! How cool is that? We watched as each one finished and celebrated their crossing. USA came across in the evening to the chants of USA USA USA! That was an amazing thing to witness. I am still fascinated by the achievement. Young and old, male and female they are some tough humans. We went to shore to see the boats and the rowers but never got to meet any. Pretty cool though.

We’re going to bounce around from harbor to harbor until the next weather window pops open for us to sail west. We would like to head up to Barbuda so we’ll see what the weather brings us. Supposedly we will have a long period of strong trades this month so we may be sitting tight for bit. We’re in a good place so I have no problem with this and we really don’t want to get back too early because it’s too damn cold in the States right now.

This was just a quick update. I will add pictures later when we get some good wifi. They locked down the wifi pretty good here so we’re using our phone data plan and we’re trying to minimize the data usage. Eventually we’ll find a bar with good wifi and do some updating.

I don’t have any of the facebook owned apps on my phone because they’re a bunch of spying weasels at that company, well so is google but FB is super weasely compared to the others and I really don’t like Zuckerberg. I don’t know him personally but he looks like a weasel so I don’t load their spying apps. This makes posting to my FB page a pain in the ass. I tried to post from the FB website but my posts go somewhere other than my page. I tried twitter but that will not post to my page either unless I use the Spot transmitter. WTF. So, I’m just going to make blog posts, in text only. Boring without photos but that’s the way it goes. At least these will make it to my FB page.

This harbor is for the rich and famous so we’ll be leaving it soon. We had to laugh the other day when a 70 foot cat with about 12 people on board tried to anchor amongst us. This captain tried really hard to fit in until another cat captain told him we spin 360 in the harbor at night. It really was comical that he thought he could fit that big boat in here.

That’s all for now I guess.



Update: We moved to Falmouth Harbor. Still some rich and famous over here but there are a lot of us scrubs here too. We anchored behind a mooring field and in front of a reef. So when the big winds hit a mooring could fail or we could break anchor and hit the reef. Either way I get a new paint job.

Bonus Morning Tea. Rochester New York to Grenada.

This is a BONUS Morning Tea post! Yeah I never posted this one for some reason and I never finished it. Oh well. Don’t get confused. We’re not in Rochester NY or Grenada.

Morning Tea posts are a brain dump of all the goofy thoughts running around in my brain. At times it’s too much and these thoughts need to come out. Here you go.

It’s starting to get colder here. I want socks.

It got into the 50’s the other night. We keep the windows open.

Nothing worse than morning tea and toast and the butter is hard.

Rye toast. Yum

Waking up to 50 deg temps in boxer shorts is not fun.

I never thought I would miss a microwave

Maybe I should microwave these boxer shorts

The beeping at 5am must be pretty annoying to the sleeping Debra

Why does a microwave have to beep with each button press and then beep 7 times when it’s done?

This is a strange apartment complex. Maybe they’re all strange.

Debra has a bum shoulder yet she beat us all in bowling. Hmm.

I have the worst form in throwing a bowling ball. My daughter was like, “What the hell was that Dad?”

I didn’t actually leave Buffalo NY voluntarily. I was kicked out because I couldn’t bowl.

There is an apartment that never opens the curtains. Ever. At night there are shadows moving.

Apartment complex renters don’t talk to other renters. They might be odd, clingy and desperate for friendship and THEY KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!

We’ve been outdoors quite a bit.

Daily tick checks are part of my routine now.

What if I get a tick where I can’t see or reach? Debra?

I was told to seek professional medical help for unreachable ticks. For better or worse Deb!!

I stopped buying orange’s from the grocery store. They sucked. Bought some at the farmers market. Delish!

Every town should have a farmers market. A real one. Not arts and crafts, hot sauce and one fruit stand.

I’ve been diagnosed with tennis elbow. WTF.

Repetitive motion in my left arm has aggravated the tendons. I’m supposed to wear an elbow brace.

It’s from guitar playing you pervs!

I think Western New Yorkers are the only people left who use a turn signal

As soon as I got here my nose stuffed up so I sound like everyone else

I saw some people jog down a trail. I followed. I ran back out. Holy fking mosquitoes!

I think the trick is to run not walk

You ever have a black fly just buzz your face and neck the whole hike?

You ever figure you kept the bugs away and then get home to see your face full of welts?

All the other trails in Rochester were fine but the one right next door to us was bug filled.

We never got out on the lake this time. We stood on it’s shore.

Is my fondness for water sports diminishing?

I do see kayaking in my future.

I don’t listen to Jimmy Buffett anymore.

I’m pretty sure that last line should be a song title.

Funny how we change as we get older.

All my favorite rock stars are dying.

I have friends that are dying because they’re miserable

Turn off the news and build a garden. Great song.

I need to turn off the news as well.

Missing the grandkids

I miss my kids too but they’re not as cute.

I hate airports.

I think everyone has a fear of flying so everyone is quiet and tense…or drunk.

I hate going to the bathroom on a plane so I don’t drink before the flight.

Last time I really had to go and I forgot to latch the door. Surprise! Poor gal.

The Grenada Airport is cool. Actually it’s friggin hot as balls.

Where’s the bar? Outside.

Our driver was waiting. We bought him a beer mainly because we needed one.

I immediately sprouted with water beads. By the time we got to the boat I was completely soaked in sweat.

I always love seeing the boat again.

Then I step inside.

Eighty dollars a month for a caretaker. Huh.

You have your suitcases to unpack and the boat is all packed up inside with no place to sit or lay down…ugh.

Oh yea! We have an apartment for a week!

Goodnight boat

I used to love wandering around boatyards.

I actually hate boatyards now.

Boatyards are money pits



Morning Tea. Bequia

Morning Tea posts are just random thoughts bouncing around in my head that I put to paper and then post here for amusement. I don’t do a post like this very often because it’s more of a feeling I get, like my brain is too cluttered with stuff and it needs a good dumping. So, here you go.

Who flags down the Bread Man in pouring rain?

Why did you buy all this stuffing?

The supermarket here is full of frozen meat and booze

We found a provisioning store! Wonderful.

Provisioning can be hugely expensive

How much are you willing to pay for Parmigiano Reggiano?

I can’t wait to shave some fresh parm on my pasta.

Deb, you’re not going into the provisioning store with me? No, can’t bare to watch.

Damn, I should have bought some Irish cheddar and those fancy french olives

Rum shop tours are fun until someone gets hurt

Sucker punching a local is not in our best interest or a gentlemanly thing to do.

When the tour unloads from the buses it looks like senior day at Walgreens.

Crawling Walking up steep inclines is a good workout and allows you time to ponder your health care coverage.

Ponder is not a word used much anymore

“The bar is at the top of that rocky outcropping!”

What a beautiful view from here. I think I’ll smoke a J with three beers.

“Can someone help me get down? Hello! Who’s dog is this? Uh Oh, more dogs.”

Bequia is not that big.

It doesn’t take long for people to notice you’re not from a cruise ship.

You can always fool them by wearing a Jimmy Buffett shirt

A local restaurant ripped me off. I’ll never wear that shirt again.

Funny how Buffett only sings about sailing and the island life and then once you get down here you don’t want to listen to Jimmy anymore.

The local dogs are full of fleas and dirty. I don’t pet them so why do they hang by me?

At a bar a dog sat next to me and barfed at my feet.

I’ve really been into the blues lately

I think being alone on a broken boat gave me a better appreciation for that type of music.

Why do the local dealers single me out for purchasing weed?

Deb needs to look more like a stoner. Take some of the pressure off.

An over the top dog loving woman was looking at me funny for not petting the barfing dog.

I’ve seen at least 4 dudes wearing pirate hats around town

If I wore a pirate hat I would look like Captain Crunch

It’s like everyone has a blue light at anchor now. Getting harder to find the boat at night.

I can’t find any broccoli

Every cooking website or vid I see now has broccoli in it.

I got caught staring at a girl with short shorts. Deb gave me some shit about it.

Deb got caught staring at the same girl later on. I was about to say something but Deb blurted out that she thought the woman had broccoli in her hand. I whipped around so fast I hurt my neck.

It was green beans.

When I was a kid I couldn’t stand broccoli. Now I would kill for it

I’d never really hurt anyone for their broccoli but I’d be willing to trade.

You ever have someone talk to you like they’ve known you for years and you have no idea who they are?

Guy fist bumps me, asks how I’m doing and says he will see me around. I really have no fking clue who this guy is. Happened so fast I never got a name.

Do you think some people do this just to bewilder you for a laugh?

Bewilder is not a word used much anymore.

Even on a mooring it’s still scary when the charter cats come in. These people are dangerous.

I will not miss the charter boat captains though they are entertaining

A friend of mine is about to go cruising. I tried to talk him out of it 😀

It’s been a wonderful retirement so far.

Sailing away was a dream that actually came true

So glad my other dreams never come true.

I have to quit reading Stephen King so much but the jerk cranks out a novel a month it seems.

It bothers me when I open the fridge door and a fly comes out.

The flies on this island go straight for your face…when they’re not in the fridge.

I haven’t heard a jet ski in years.

Why do we still call them jet skis?

When I have to drill a hole in the boat I always think about it for hours.

The worst sounds on a floating boat are a drill, a hammer, saw and running water.

The phrase “Oh shit” is right up there in worst sounds too followed by “shit, shit, shit!”

When someone yells “Oh Shit” on a boat you run toward them. When someone yells “Oh my God!” you go the other way.

You know you’re done with cruising when you’re imagining the pile of crap you’re going to unload on the dock for the dump.

You ever wonder if your fire extinguishers will work when you need them?

We had a fire on a boat once. Not this one. It was an alchohol stove incident. This fire occured the morning of my fire training for my captains license.

I never utilized my captains license but I passed fire training.

I can’t imagine driving a boat load of people around on the water. People are assholes.

People are not all assholes but where there’s one, others follow.

I bought a blue baseball cap. The blue rubs off. “Everybody is so friendly. They were all smiling at me.” You have a blue line across your forehead. “Son of a….”

When we first went cruising we never knew what day it was. Now we have weekly pill organizers as a reminder 😦

Will we still want to take pictures of the sunset when we’re not cruising?

Deb kept trying to get the perfect sunset and there were always boats in the way.

There was finally a perfect sunset photo but a cruiser drove out in a dinghy to the mouth of the harbor to stand in front of the sunset to take his photo. Cruisers are assholes.

I bought a small jar of instant coffee. Our spoons don’t fit thru the opening. WTF?

Instant coffee sux (yes even Nescafe Melissa) but it’s a good boost sometimes.

The other morning I woke up with a migraine. I took some pills with some coffee.

Migraine pills have caffeine.

I tend not to shut the hell up when stimulated with caffeine

Same thing happens with beer

Fellow engineers would buy me coffee all the time. It was like over winding a toy and watching it jitter around until it fell off the table.

Engineers are assholes

I see our Lawmakers are not really Lawmakers because laws don’t matter anymore

Lawmakers are assholes

A boat next to us this morning all woke up and walked off the back into the water. All of them. Did not even hesitate. Must have been steamy in there

I wonder what happened to the lady who sold kids books and poetry? I missed being picked out of a crowd to buy a book. Ten people could all be crowding past her and she would reach in and pull me aside.

We have three of her books

I have to stop smiling so much.

I really miss having a toaster

I think I mention the toaster every morning tea post

I get to the states and I have tea and toast in the morning and wait for the sun. Best start to a day.

Making toast in a pan is too time consuming.

I left butter out on the counter once. Such a horrible mess

I will surely miss a constant 85 degrees

This nice weather keeps my guitar in tune

I’m still shy about Jamming

Why can’t jams be during daylight hours?

Sometimes there are acoustic jams only. They’re during the day

So only folk guitar jams during the day?

I want to show up with the Strat and bang out God Save The Queen. Keep up Guthrie!

Electric guitarists are assholes

And I’m not very good at playing God Save the Queen

My Merrill sandals held up way better than the Keens

The shore music finally stopped at 2:30 AM

Why am I waking up before the Sun?

You ever get tired of having wind in your face?

Our propane tank is on the back deck. I shut it off every night

I do an early morning tip toe out to turn it back on, trying not to wake Deb

Why when you are trying to be quiet do you trip over something or drop something?

Ever make a stupid comment on facebook and regret it and then your wifi signal vanishes so you can’t delete it?

We are stealing wifi and the signal really sux. It really messes you up sometimes when commenting on something.

You ever wonder if people contact your family after seeing some of your comments or posts?

My daughter always calls when we run the watermaker

If we didn’t have a watermaker Deb would have bailed on this lifestyle years ago

It’s going to feel weird leaving the Windward Islands

You think you’re the only one up and you’re standing on the deck in your boxers looking around and here’s another guy in boxers on another boat doing the same thing. Awkward.

Deb calls for a laundry pickup and the laundry boat ties up next to the port for the head which I’m currently occupying. That’s awkward too. “You guys making chili?”

You ever wonder why some of these boats have like 10 antennas all over them?

I’m kind of radio shy

I can’t look at Deb when she’s on the radio else she messes up. Then she gets mad at me.

Our Kayaks are completely faded

Are the UV rays making me gray?

We’re so much better at not getting sunburned then our first year cruising

I’m already down to 3 good shirts.

Oxygen is corrosive. We’re all oxidizing on the inside.

Eat your spinach

I’m pondering our next voyage but I’m a little bewildered by the weather

The Sun is up and so is Deb.