The Future?

Previous to arrival in the States I wrote..

What a world eh? Pandemic city. Who could of predicted this? A lot of people did actually, but that’s water under the bridge now so, what will happen in the near future? More people dying is probably a given though without testing we really will not know how many die from this virus now will we? It looks like maybe eighty percent of the people will get the virus and be fine. The older you are the more likely it will affect you. This of course sucks for me because I’m in my sixties. Lower sixties but still old enough to get the death blow.

This is more annoying than scary right now. It’s scary but mostly I’m annoyed with it. I see a future of young people out in public looking at me and wondering if I should be among them. I imagine myself out and about around town and getting the looks of scorn.

“Hey Pops shouldn’t you be in your bubble or locked in a room somewhere instead of taking up precious table space?

What you got a death wish or something? Get your groceries online!”

“I’m sorry sir but I can’t serve you here. You could be dead next week and I don’t need the lawsuit from your wife or kids thinking I’m responsible.”

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe nobody will care that I’m out and about. Maybe people will just ignore me like I’m dead already. Maybe they will treat me better because they know I’m toast?

“Isnt’ that sweet? He’s getting ice cream. Eat as much as you want pops! Enjoy it while you can!”

“Hey look, the walking dead are doing Thai Chi in the park. Why do they even bother with exercise? I’d be eating a cheese steak sandwich with a cold one under a tree watching the ladies yoga class if it were me.”

I’m already seeing some reactions down here in the islands. While out getting propane some 20 somethings were walking down the sidewalk with a pizza and some growlers of beer. No mask. No cares. They did not move out of the way for me and my cart and propane bottle. I had to step aside into the grass and my cart tipped. I had the mask and I had to avoid. They laughed, sending droplets flying.

A local woman was passing another local while jogging and they passed close. As she came close to me she ran off onto the grass about 20 feet away to avoid the masked old foreigner. Lady I’ve been floating offshore for over a month. I should be avoiding YOU! I see the world has changed already and some things will never be the same again. I like to think people will just fall into the same old routine but now I have my doubts.

The handshake is gone forever. Good. I hated shaking hands. Being smallish, everyone I shook hands with (except another small person) would try to squeeze the juice out of my hand. Why are you trying to cripple my fretting hand asshole? (Guitar reference). So I’m happy with that tradition dying. People coughing into their hands, blowing snot into a tissue with it and worst of all wiping their butts with it and then shaking your hand. Me being left handed keeps my right hand relatively germ free but most of you pack a ton of nasty onto those hands and then spread it around in a Howdy Do You Do handshake. Gross.

Lines and Queue’s. Gone. Who would want to wait packed into a line or a wandering queue for entry anywhere? They were bad enough without the pandemic but now it’s suicide. How will this be handled? By phone maybe? I don’t know but I am not getting in a line without a ten foot space around me.

After arrival in the States:

Pandemic? What pandemic?

I see the occasional mask around town. Mostly people are carrying on as usual. Old and young, doesnt’ matter. They saw something on the news about a Covid or corona or something. They’re not sure but, “Hell if I’m gonna wear a mask. That’s for pussies and fking sheep.”

Old people? Who cares. Nobody cares. They’ll cough right in your face. When you’re checking out in the grocery store the cashier will pull down her mask to talk to you about your snack purchase. They don’t care. The guy on the other side of the gas pump will cough, spit and laugh out loud on the phone. Don’t care. The person who delivers your pizza will talk in your face telling you how mad he was because he couldn’t find you even though you were the only person wearing a mask, standing in the rain under an umbrella in a parking lot in front of the delivery address. Uncaring Moron.

The future for the USA? Nothing will change related to the virus. There will be fewer older Americans and fewer Americans with pre-existing conditions but basically there will be fewer Americans. I hope I’m wrong.

I had thoughts of just continuing on and crossing the Atlantic and running aground in France, making our way to Germany as refugees but we have family here so I guess we’ll stay. As a way of protest I did make a German dish on Independence Day instead of hot dogs and hamburgers. Sausage, sauerkraut, Spaetzle, breaded cutlets, broccoli. The shame!

I felt better after that. Mostly symbolic but it was a protest nonetheless. Germany and some other countries handled the response to the virus, America fucked it up. Some of my family were refugees from Germany prior to WWII so I have a relationship with Bavaria. In fact, visiting the area was in our plans until the pandemic struck. Now we will see how this all shakes out.

In a way it’s kind of funny. We fled an island with a small number of virus cases, sailed to the US and got touched by lightning and then the county our marina is in is now considered a virus hot spot. Son of a..

Being labeled a hot spot you would expect to see a quiet town but they recently had a first Friday celebration and a brewery opening. No mask required. Am I missing something here? Did some invasive brain eating bug creep into our water system and tweak everyone a little?

A temporary change of subject…

When we landed in the States we were out of beer. I went to a marina and got fuel and happy juice. Choices were Bud, Bud light, Busch lite, Corona. Wow! What a selection! Damn. I asked for a 12 pack of Bud. “Your lucky day sir. You get 18 for the price of 12”. Gee, thanks.

Yesterday I read about an employee of Anheiser Bush that has been pissing in the Bud tanks for the last 12 years. 😦

On a positive note we have seen family a few times and we are mobile. Joy! The marina is still nice and neighbors are friendly. We’re the oddball mask wearing quiet people without air conditioning that never puts meat on the grill, only flaming vegetables but I think we’ll get along.

Wrapping up this post I’ll just say that you should not take what I’ve said here as unpatriotic. I like it here but there needs to be improvement. We need to care more for each other and that means wearing a mask to protect each other. It’s not politics, it’s science and you’re not unmanly if you wear a mask you knob. “Yea well the president doesn’t wear one.” He wears makeup. If he put the mask on it would fuck up his face cake alright? That’s the only reason he doesn’t wear one.

When we start politicizing science then we’re in trouble. People die. When I get smirks and comments for wearing a mask in public I would like to shout back with some very well rehearsed comments like, “You think this is funny? You give me the virus because you want freedom for your face? Cause your fragile male ego prevents you from being seen in a mask? You give me the virus and I could bring it home to my 5 yr old grandson with kidney disease and he would most likely get very sick. You find that funny asshole?”

Instead, I just do the right thing and avoid conflict, wear a mask and distance as much as possible. It is after all a “free” country and you can do what you want…even if it’s selfish and not very patriotic at all.



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